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[collagen peptides made from fish](Something) Heavy Pound Xiaojie: Today, Tibet, why does it show the illegal and absurdity of the “middle road…•=”? China News Agency, Beijing May 28th, Siqi: Xiao Jie: Today○☆, Tibet, why does it highlight the illegal and absurdity of the “middle road=○◇”? Zhongxin Service Reporter Zheng Qiao In August 20, Xiao Jie was invested in Tibet Linzhi. I am in 2019 Tibet Autonomous Region to achieve comprehensive poverty◁○…, historically solved the absolute poverty problem of the millennium, further highlight the correctness of the development path. At the same time▼•, the Dalai Group in the overseas Dalai Group is still selling the “middle road” in various occasions, claiming that “the intermediate road” is the only possible advocation of the so-called “Tibet issue”△◁★. Contemporary research center in China Tibetolo.

Xinhua News Agency-•, Shanghai May 27 (Reporter Liu Yizhan) The 20th National Peoples Congress No. 20 Representative Safety is held in Shanghai from May 24th to 27th. The theme of “learning propaganda to implement the▲▲◇•” 14th Five-Year Planning and 2035 Route Target Outline ◆=▲”-▼, from 291 National Peoples Congress from 33 National Peoples Congress from the country to participate in the line. Essators have arranged 8 special reports and 1 group discussion. The topic report includes the =▷”14th Five-Year Plan” and the Interpretation of the Outline Outline of the 2035 Route; Accelerate the Development of Modern Industrial Systems☆▷, consolidate the Strong Subject Roundation□★; Digital Economics and Digital Management; Constructing a Modern Comprehensive Transportation System, Accelerating the Construction of Traff.

[Xinhua His Rating: It is □◆…★”God Drinking” or God blowing for false advertisements▼□●□? “Hongmao Medicine” incident touched the social pain of false advertising■☆. ●▷■”Baozhi” advertisement and how many people have been fooled? For false advertising, you cant do it, you must rectify. The tube is to take to no dead angle○△•, and the penalty will be punished. There is no hard trick, “Eating and rest assured◇▽” is an empty talk▲□●★. Incidents, Hongmao wine case defense lawyer☆•△○: Zhengqi to pay the safety department to respond to Hongmao medicine wine case-●◆: I have been responsible for the investigation of Inner Mongolia Public Security to launch a verification doctor, said Hongmao wine is a poison to arrest Inner Mongolia prosecution to respond to Chinese physician. The association is quite vomiting Huangmao doctor□▼▷•: science discussion carefully using Criminal Law Hongmao medicine wine broke the news: Hongmao someo.Gelatin capsule.