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[b gelatin]Original title: Northeast should revitalize! Which “prescriptions” have been issued by the two conferences? Source☆△■: China Voice ☆◆-“The party and the country have introduced so many policies for the Northeast, do we have to drag the countrys hind legs? How long does it take to drag?” Zhang Qingwei, secretary of Heilongjiang Provincial Party, opened on the opening day of the Heilongjiang Group on the two sessions on the 8th It is quite worried▽▷▪…. Every year, the “Republic of China◁◆□★” – The development of the Northeast region is highly concerned○▪☆, business environment, rural revitalization☆▪•◇, ice and snow tourism, etc○◇◇. are the focus of foreign concern. In response to the hot topic “Travel agency dares to commit not unfamable-◇…-?=▪★•” Previously, “Northeast Snow Township Guanting Incident☆…★” once brushed the network, tourism is also a focus on Heilongjiang this year. On March 8th on the opening day of Heilongjiang Group▼▼◇□, Sun Hao☆=•◆, Mayor Harbin, said▪-, ☆▷”Our Ic?

Original title○△◇: BBC says that European astronauts come to China to experience Chinas enthusiasm△■: Just as a big family reference news network July 14 reports when the German Astronaut Moyrell of the European Space Agency, Mo Ire-carrying with Chinese astronauts When he survived at sea, he may not expect it to be a state. “The life here is so beautiful.” Mo Irell said, “I floated on the lifeguard, looking up to the sky▷◁▲, as long as I come to a little more music, I am enough to make me feel in Hawaiian vacation.▲■◇▪” On July 9★•○, the BBC website reported that this exercise was conducted in a newly built training center near Yantai=▼•☆, China last year. In two weeks, Moyrell and the Astronaut Christopher Buddha of the European Space Agency Lysi lives with their Chinese pee.

Original title△★=: 2018 Financial Legislation Work Arrangement In-depth implementation of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party, enhances the timeliness, coordination, effectiveness and targeted financial legislation, to achieve legislative decision-making and reform decision-making, and give full play to financial legislation In the leading, promotion and security role of reform, the 2018 Ministry of Finance will be guided by Xi Jinpings new era of Chinese characteristics, to accelerate the establishment of a modern finance system, adhere to scientific legislation☆▷○△, democratic legislation, legislation, from the following In terms of order, legislation work: First◇=■△, strive to complete the deed tax method, resource tax law, consumption tax▪◇, stamp, urban maintenance construction tax law, personal income tax law (amendment)○▲▽☆, tariff method, administrative state-owned asset management regulations▼☆◇, etc. The law is drafted in the department=▪, and report it in tim.

Original title•=-: (International) A Chinese passenger killed Xinhua News Agency in Nepal Aircraft, Kathmandu◇△◆, March 13 (Reporter Zhou Sheng), confirmed in the 13th of the Nepalese Embassy△▪, ​​a Chinese citizen was killed in the Nepalese aircraft. After the Chinese Embassy learned that after the relevant report◇•□★, the emergency mechanism was launched, and the first time sent people to the scene of the accident. It has been confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nepal that there is a Chinese citizen on this crash flight. The Ministry of Foreign Ministry said that Chinese citizens have already killed and express condolences. The Chinese Embassy has notified the victims of the Chinese citizens and units, will assist families to handle relevant follow-up-○. Nepalese local time on the afternoon of the 12th, a passenger plane from the Bangladesh Capka to Kathmandu flights rushing out when Kathmandu Tri Buwan International Airpo. what type of organic molecule is gelatin collagen powder peptides skin whitening Pectin manufacturer.

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