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[protein engineering applications in industrial biotechnology]Original title▲◇○…: Haixi Prevention: Clean up the private microblogging of the officers and soldiers=▼●▷, did not find the spread of the reform of reform, March 17◁▽▪, the 13th National Peoples Congress, a meeting voted the decision on the reform plan of the State Council. The reform of the fire fighting forces received is finally presented▲★. With the opening of the reform▪□, the Qinghai Province Haixi Fire Brigade takes the implementation of the Ministry▽-◆, the team video scheduling will be the entry point, and in-depth findings in the management of troops. Mingqi and weakness, accurately study the risk and severe situation of the current troops management, high-ranking planning, high starting point promotion, high standard implementation, to maintain a set of “combined punches”, fully implement The troops are invisible, the team is absent, the work is constant, the strength is not reduced, the fire does not increase. First, enhance political statio▼▽☆!

Original title: The European Navy also wants to come to the South China Sea “Cruise”•▽? The EU senior official is a bit “stupid◁□” EU security policy●■…▲, François Riviso□◇▽, during the last week, said in the future, the European Navy is not ruled out in the South China Sea. The possibility of sailing patrols. Data Map: Nanhai According to the “Australian Financial Comment” report, the EU Safety Policy Leader Françoa Riviso visited Australia last week that the European Navy did not rule out the possibility of sailing patrols in the South China Sea. The EU expressed concerns about the “increasing tight” situation in the South China Sea. Riviso said that the ocean is a “global land○▼…”, and the South China Sea of ​​Peace is in line with the trade interests of Europe and is also global interests▲◇=. He believes that the EU can be seen as “honest and middleman” of the South China Sea dispute★=▪. According to reports○▷, the United Stat•◆.

Original title: The State Council Security Committee implements the list of major production safety accidents in Zhangzhou City◆▼=▽, “2 · 20″ major road traffic accident investigation and supervision of the supervision of the supervision of the supervision and supervision of the supervision and supervision of the supervision of the supervision of the Jiangxi Provincial Peoples Government▲★★: According to the State Council Notice on Strengthening Enterprise Safety Production Work (Guofa [2010] No. 23) and the relevant provisions of the •◇★”Measures for the Administration of Major Accidents•★” (Security Committee [2010] No. 6)▪•••, the State Council Security Committee decided to ▷◆”Zhangzhou City▲-” 2 · 20 “Major Road Traffic Accident Investigation Implementation Listing Supervision. You must organize relevant departments to conduct accident surveys in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and regulations such as the “Regulations on Production Safety Accident Report and Survey◁…=◁” (State Council Order No. 493•□•◁. 120 bloom gelatin marine gelatin wholesalerAbout Us.

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