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Gelatin wholesale![casein protein powder industry uses]Original title▪●: Vaccine event, the drug supervision department should immediately respond to the public to pay a problem, how can I punish a penalty? Why is there anything about the vaccine? Changchun Changsheng Biological Production vaccine is suspected of fake these two days on the Internet, gradually gathered from the publics anger and panic, and became a new major public opinion event. The vaccine directly involves the health of children, relating to life, and every negative news in this field will make the whole society, and the safety production of good vaccines is the test of national modern governance. Looking back at the latest vaccine events, it initially had two sources. First, the national drug supervision department found that a batch of vaccine-based indicators of Changsheng organisms in November last year did not work on July 18 this year□△. The second is the same as the longevi.

Original title: Flying to Wuhan All-Japanese Airliner Due to the oil leakage discount○◆▽●, Narita Airport [Global Network Comprehensive Report] According to Japanese Community reported on August 22▼▷●▲, the next day, from 7:20, Narita Airport★☆, Japan, to Wuhan, 937 times The flight is folded back to Narita Airport after Take off for 45 minutes=•. This passenger aircraft is Boeing 767. In the flight, the instrument has insufficient oil pressure in the plane, and there is an oil leakage in the air pressure◆◇. There were no one injured 214 passengers and passengers on the machine. The passengers on the machine were then arranged to other passenger aircraft and flew at 10 oclock in the evening. Japans land transportation province said that there are three hydraulic systems on the machine▪▲, and the hydraulic system in which the hydraulic pressure in the event is located on the right side of the body, and the oil sequination is found near the pressurized pump body•-…■. (Internship compilation: Yin Chenyang review: Ma Li) Editor: H collagen peptides fish pork collagen powder!

Today (27th), the Ministry of Transport held a press conference to introduce the revised △…▲□”Maritime Traffic Safety Law▷…•▲” related content. The Maritime Traffic Safety Law will be implemented on September 1☆•, 2021▷▷●•. ◁…●”Haian Law” is the basic law in the field of my countrys sea●▷▼, establishes the basic system of maritime traffic safety management. The amendment is the first comprehensive revision of the 1983 promulgation☆■. From the strengthening of ship crew management◁-◇△, implementation of safety security system, strengthen sailing safety supervision, improve search and rescue emergency and accident investigation and handling mechanism, standardizing impact of fair civilization law enforcement, etc. The system and content of management have been fully enriched★●, and the revised “Maritime Traffic Safety La?

Original title: Chinas resident WTO delegation Zhang Xiangchen-▲▷: Condemn US Protectionist Avanus Swiss Time On March 26, Chinas resident WTO delegation Zhang Xian Chen at the WTO Cargo Trade Council speaking on the US 301 survey: condemning US protectionism act protein industries canada address●★●! The United States announced on March 22 to conclusions and measures to China◆••, and China is resolutely opposed□△. The unilateral acting of the United States not only damages the interests of China and other members, but also causes serious damage to the multilateral trading system. The US practices violate the most basic spirit and principles of WTO (WTO)▷▼◆•, and the unilateral approach prohibited by “Disposal Solving Understanding” (DSU). According to the WTO ruling and the United States commitment, the United States cannot pass the 301 investigation unilateral identification of other member practic pectin buy☆■!