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[collagen peptide drink]Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions, Secretary○▪, Secretary, Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was held on the morning of March 4, and the 13th National Peoples Congress held a preparatory meeting, the Election of the General Assembly, and the Secretary-General, and the draft meeting agenda△●. After the preparatory meeting, the Bureau held the first meeting◁☆■•. At 11 oclock in the morning, a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress held the first press conference, the Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zhang Yucai◁★, deputy director……, walked into the venue and greeting the reporters◆□▷▼. Previously▷▽△○, the Presiduary of the 13th National Peoples Congress held the first meeting, and the meeting decided that Zhang Yucai gave a speaker for the General Assembly△▽■▪. Zhang Yucai has become the eighth spokesperson since the establishment of a spokesperson in the National Peoples Congress. “Government” (WeChat ID: xjbzse) noted that the National Peoples Congress set up a spokesm.

Source▪●▼▽: China Daily [Wang Yi responded to Korean relations improvement: This is a warm flow, this change is actually in the reason] Director Wang Yi replied to the issue of the Korean peninsula, we saw the Korean Han Dynasty to grasp the Winter Olympics The opportunity launched a series of intensive interactions, the north-south relations quickly thawed, which injected a long-lost warmstream for ice-seated halftone situation. Some people in this way seem to be confused, but actually. It turns out that the ▷◆”Double Suspension” initiative proposed by China is a good party for the disease, and creates the most basic conditions for the north-south improvement relationship■▪▼. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor▪★•: Liu Longlo.

Original title: This •□”broken”■◇△, the Ministry of Progressive, I really emerged, I was angry, “I didnt change the unified” picture, and I responded to “Broken” on the 21st. (Source▪■•◆: Joint News Network) Overseas Network August 21st, Taiwan District leader Cai Yingwen on the 20th…●☆, just ended the Central America◆▲▼, “Visit” Back to Taiwan, will be △●=”broken” in Salvador, Central America●▷, next morning■★□…, this morning▲▷, this It is already the fifth ••★”Friends” of Cai Yingwen since the 2nd year of “Breaking”, and Taiwan “AIB…○” fell to 17. The Kuomintang criticizes Cai Yingwen This is “completely failed=◁●▪”, requiring the Cai Yingwen to apologize for the “incapacity, mistake, and not understand the anti-provincial” foreign affairs policy□=▪□. The Ministry of Protent Party was angry and angry. “Broken” will not “change the results of unified Taiwan.” And Tsai Yingwen also wants to “洋 自 自”, “the” international society ■•▽◇”.

Original title▷★•●: Resisted 17 “mental disability” neighbors Source: China News Week is a minimum of policies, while the owners self-policy of security and property is in the deadlock☆•○◆. Some owners of Hualian City Panorama Community protested the mental disabled family staying in the community■▪•. The 17-house neighbor conference room is chaos. One side is the cadre of the Ministry of Housing and Treasury, which is Ding Dingqing, as a party group●☆▽, side•◆★, is an emotionally excited community owner and tenant representative☆=•…. Both sides have already discussed many discussions because of the speech of mental illness. As the publics concern is increasing, both feel certain pressure○=△★, and those who apply for this public rental house are not negotiating. Here is Baoan District, Shenzhen. On July 18, there is a Huahangcheng in progre◆▽! what are pasture-raised hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides collagen peptides without bovineGelatin capsule bovine collagen peptides and breastfeeding gelatin capsules black,