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[whey protein industry report]Original title•▲=: Hunan a higher vocational colleges issued banned: Leading cadres participated in the new Beijing News (Reporter Wang Wei) Today (March 20)-▲★•, the Beijing News reporter learned from Hunan Environmental Biological Vocational College of Environment▼◆, the school Recently released a document, facing the faculty and workers, which are stipulated, and the school leading cadres participate, and will be dealt with afterwards. The Beijing News reporter learned that the Party Committee of the Hunan Environmental Biological Class Recently issued the •☆◆■”Hunan Environmental Biological Vocational College of Environmental and Technical College on the relevant regulations on participating in gambling activities▲■”, which proposed that the faculty and staff are strictly prohibited to participate in any form of gambling activities▲-△, and It is clearly defined. The above documents pointed out that the school faculty and staff have participated in the gambling activities, in addition to the punishment of the judiciary, the annual target management award, civilized unit awar.

Original title=▲: CCTV female anchor claims Central Commission for new work Source: WeChat public account ▼…△▲”Changan Street,◁■” Changan Street▷•▽, “Wang Wei, the 13th National Peoples Congress●☆○, the third day of the Peoples Republic of China, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection The subsidy website has specially launched a video column△★•, and the eyes of the eyes have found that a familiar figure appears in the first episode…◆○•. In this column named “Taking You Understanding the Law”, CCTV anchor is unveiled in the first video of the first phase, with “the supervision law is coming, and I am closely related to you…-…★”●□, for everyone “referral◇•◇” this new birth. Law▼■. “What is this method? It is anti-corruption national legislation, and Haixia is open▪◁. In the next 2 minutes and 40 seconds, she helped everyone to draw the key and essence of the •■▽”Supervision Law▪■▪.

Original title: Notarization Disposal Convenient Equipment (Sound) Fu Zhenghua is lacking legal basis, and the notary agency can verify the proof of self-verification, will be canceled. Through the implementation of the notary matters, the material list is implemented, and the resolute exclude that the masses can be provided in the list●-◆=, minimize the burden of the masses, the notarization plays an increasing role in the lives of the people●-=, the social needs of the notarization More and more◆○★▼. The child is promoted△●-, the house will be shaken, the village organizes the election voting, etc.◁◇••, you must find a notary. Up to now, there are 2965 national notarization bodies◆◇, 13,218 notariates, and 14▲◆•◇.5 million billing permitted, and the notarized books have been used to more than 180 countries and regions◇…. Notarization in legislation, law enforcement, judicial▲▽☆, law-abiding, the status and role in various fiel! industrial protein skimmer for sale collagen powder peptides skin whiteningGelatin capsule bovine bone gelatin citrus pectin!