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[function of protein in food industry]Original title: Shenhai Xiong to International Territory Office☆▪◁, China Online March 22 forum. Shenhai Xiong examined the China-Foreign Communication Center Technology Building▼•, visiting the Russian, Laotia, Swahili▲…, Turkish and English center, and communicating with you△◇. In the main control equipment room, he listened to the overseas prevailing station•=◇=; in the media platform…☆, the national two sessions were reported. “If the national treasure will talk•◁•” multilingual TV, “China Theater” multilingual version Overseas broadcast situation. At the symposium, Shenhai Xiong listened to Wang Geng years, Huang Sheng▷-☆, Huang Shengs work report, he first thanked International Taiw▼▪…….

Original title: Subcommittee suggests◆□◁△: Improve employee wages, improve the mental pension! The nationwide two sessions are about to open, and the first-line employee representatives have arrived in Beijing. In an interview, they said to the ◆▼”Workers Daily” reporter, we are from the front line, the attention point is also in front▼▲◇★, we are a first-line endorsement▽•★. What are the representatives from the grassroots first line◁●□? Which focused points and your expectations? Lets take a look with the workers king (ID•▽: grrbwx). 1-▼. Improve employee salary income “The employee looks forward to adding income▲…□▽.” Ding Hongbo, deputy director of the Materials Department of Anhui Province, China Chemical Co-☆▷.=△…▲, Ltd. Business people will become a big problem★=. ” Pay attention to the workers treatment and Wang Ansh?

(Economic Observation) 5G + Gigabit Net, China City began to enter the “Double Gigabit” Times China New Agency Beijing May 27th (Reporter Liu Ying) National First “Double Gigabit” provincial capital city, full light smart city global The first city, took the lead in entering the •◆●◇”double gigaby◇□☆” city .■◁▼●.▪△. Recently, Chinas big cities competed in the “double gigabit”•△◇◇, and “repair road◇★•” for digital economic development. The so-called •□”double gigably•☆◁” refers to a Gigabit fiber network and 5G▪▲▽▲. The Gigabit Nightnet has a large bandwidth-★□□, ultra-low delay, advanced reliability and other features★□▪…, “carrying bases▪▼” such as 5G, data centers, Internet of Things, and 5G networks together constitute new “double wheels◁△=◇” and Two wings★□•. China Indust.

Original title: Zhu Lilun, New North Mayor Zhu Lilun, grateful to Suzhou: Thanks to the help of “Suzhou News” WeChat Public No. Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, the Secretary of Suzhou City Meet▪☆◆☆, the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary We will meet the visit to Suzhou City▼▲○. Taiwan New North City Mayor Zhu Lilun is a line▽▷. Zhou Naixiang welcomed Zhu Liluns first time to visit Suzhou▽▼■. Zhou Nai Xiang said that Suzhou is one of the most intense parts of mainland Taiwanese investment▽…◆=, and is one of the most active cities exchanged with Taiwan. At present, Suzhou City has approved 11,170 Taiwan-funded projects, and 73% of the provinces of import and export trade, and there are more than 100,000 people living in a certainty. Honghai, Advantera Technology, and Swong Electronics and other enterprises have investment projects in Suzhou▲◇▲. Suzhou is also one of the hotspots in cross-strait exchanges. Sumai exchange cooperati.

Original title: Thailand shipping accident has caused 4 Chinese tourists to death shipwreck picture exposure Overseas network July 6th, on July 5▲▷◁, on July 5, the two ships contain 127 Chinese tourists in Phuket Roll. According to CCTV news, as of now, the number of people killed in China has been 48, rescued 78 people, and the number of lost people is 45■▪○. Thai Media: When the incident, the wave high 5 meters shipping picture exposure reports statistics by “Bangkok Post”, and there is 105 people in the “Phoenix” of the boat, including 93 passengers, 12 crew and tour guides-•▽; another There are 42 people in the Srinita, including 35 passengers, 5 crew, 1 guidelines and 1 photographer◁◆. Affected by the weather in the rainstorm•●○, there is also a water speedboat on the same tim. gelitan marine collagen Pure collagen hydrolyzed chicken collagen type ii pectin manufacturer,