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Gelatin wholesale![collagen drink liquid]China Xinwang Kunming May 28th (Reporter Hu Yuanhang) Reporter No▽●▽★. 28, celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China from Yunnan Province on the 28th▪▽•, was learned in the “14th Five-Year Plan▪☆”, and Zhaotong City will accelerate during the “14th Five-Year Plan▲•▷▷”. Yukun high-speed rail, Syrian (Yong) Bi (section) railway construction◆★■, launching climb (branch) Zhao (pass) Bi (section), Zhao (Tong) six (Panshui), Yi (Bin) West (Chang) climb ( The construction of the railway is the construction of the railway▲▼◇, and strive to attack the high-speed railway in the county and counties. Zhaotong City, the hinterland of Yunan, Sichuan and Guizhou, is an important channel in Yunnan connected to the Yangtze River Economic Zone and Chengdu Economic Zone, and the mainland leading to South Asia, Southeast Asia and Yunnan to the Mainland to the Mainland. Sunshab marine collagen supplier!

Original title△-◁: Guangzhou traffic police last years penalty of 998 million Li Dong, Zhang Danyang Guangzhou Daily News (full media reporter Li Dong◁◇, Zhang Dan) Recently, Guangzhou Public Security Bureau 2017 administrative law enforcement data. The Municipal Public Security Bureau has shown that administrative penalties in 2017 showed that the total administrative penalty of 57,3,6205, and the penalty was 99•○,960.99□••▷.5 million•◁▷▽. Among them, the total number of administrative penalties in the department is 362•-, the penalty is 19.335 million▷◇▲○; the total number of administrative punishments of fire brings is 12, and the penalty is 13.3 million yuan△◇▪. The largest administrative penalty is the traffic police detachment. In 2017, the total number of administrative penalties in traffic police detachment was 573,5831, of which 5404,706 were fined, accounting for nearly 94◁◆◁•.2%. Other administrative punishments include warnings, suspend.

Original title: (Social) Hunan Shaoyang many ▲□○”fly greed” due to false reports, the problem of resigning the poverty alleviation funds◆◆…, was respoted Xinhua News Agency Changsha May 2 (Reporter Chen Wenguang) Venus…•, the renovation of the harvest, the harvest, the industry poverty alleviation … Hunan Shaoyang City recently conducted a typical case of 5 poverty alleviation fields in Hunan Province, and many ▲•”fly greed” were hosted…•. According to reports===, these 5-style cases are: Liu Zhongliang◇◆□…, the party branch of the party branch of Jiulongling Town◇◁, Shaodong County, Liu Director, Director▷◁, Village==▽, Director of the Village Question=•△; Secretary of the Party Branch of the original village of Gaosha Town-▪●▽, Dongkou Coun?

The United Nations Council of Human Rights passed Chinas -◇”Promoting Cooperation and Win-Win•…◁☆” in the field of human rights in the field of human rights, which was the first time, which was first written in the United Nations resolution to promote the construction of new international relations and constructing human fate communities•▼, and voting There is only one vote against the United States. Chinas Foreign Ministry spokesman Huat Chunying said at today (26th), the routine reporter meeting, only through dialogue and cooperation can better promote and protect human rights causes in all countries, Chinas resolutions have fully reflected the common wishes of the international community◇△△. Help to enhance the right to speak in terms of international human rights fields in international human rights. Hua Chunying said that this resolution called on all parties to promote cooperation in the field of human rights, strengthening dialogue cooperation, promoting the construction of new international relations•…☆▲, fairness and justice△▼, and cooperation=☆◇, build peop beauty collagen drink is clear jel the same as gelatin crushed gelatin powder!

Original title: The person in charge of the Ministry of Ecological Environment, on the “Industrial and Mine Soil Environment Management Measures”▽▽, the reporter asked the reporter asked the Ecological Environment to release “The Soil Environment Management Measures (Trial)” (Trial) ○▲★”(Trial)” (Trial) “(Trial)” (hereinafter referred to “). The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Ecological Environment has answered the reporters question on the background, significance, main content and characteristics of the “Measures▷▲◇”▷▪. Q▷▼: What is the background and meaning of “Measures◁•○”•▼? A-▲☆●: On May 28…▼◆•, 2016, the State Council issued the Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan (hereinafter referred to as •▼◁”Earth Ten”). This is the programming document of the national soil pollution prevention work in the current and future■…. =▲”Earth Ten” clearly requires the release of soil environmental management department of industrial and mining land. The introduction of the ▷▪△◁”Measures” will be to strengthen the soil and groundwater of industrial deposit?