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[beef gelatin vs collagen peptides]Original title: The new goal of retired generals yesterday☆★, the political king of the National Peoples Congress and the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference. Today=◁, I continue to talk to the host committee■▷, but the chat is different. Ten days ago, there was an article in the article to explode: Xu Shao Shi, Liu Yuans new position is well known…△=▷, and Liu Yuan has △•”Liu Shaoqis Son◁…”, and there is a “colonal” identity. At the end of 2015, when the Ministry of Defense News spokesperson, Yang Yutu proved that Liu Yuan is in Zhengda Military Region for ten years, according to the military officer law and the position of the regulations, withdraw from the leadership position. In fact, the official military region of the PLA headquarters and the military species is retired, and the special committee of the National Peoples Congress or the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference is also a decommissioning practice of the General Military Region=◁▽. Then there is a problem. In addition to Liu Yuan, this year h.

Original title: Hazard “public health” can be enabled! “Round and leave”△◆•■, longevity creatures to send long-lived creatures: Gun•☆. Wen Panhe Lin 27th, the SFC launched a new application of enforcement – hazarding public health and safety★○. The △■”Decision on the Amendment” issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission is clear, involving major illegal activities in the field of national security, public safety, ecological security, production safety and public health and safety, the stock exchange should be strictly suspended according to law, and the companys stock listing transaction should be terminated▽•. In the context of the preparation of the longevity, the “public health and safety●=” can trigger a mandatory to retreat, there is no doubt○•▷△, if you say, what system can avoid this type of no-line compa.

[Deep] Indian epidemic report, who has mastered the right to speak [Global Times, A special reporter Hu Bo Feng Global Times reporter Hao Shuang said: “The bad guys in this room is not Pakistan ▼□.◆○.. but Western media.…•” India The …▷▼”The Print” website said this month, since the second wave of epidemic◆★=■, the public dialogue has been full of “Western Media Prejudice☆◁”. Some Indian scholars and commentators describe Western media covered Indias tragic scenes quite dissatisfaction. What is especially angry is that there is a reporter to enter the hospitals intensive ward▷●★, and the media is close to the cremation or aerial photography□▲●●, and th.

Resolutely eradicate the soil (Golden Taituan) of the evil forces□□-, the Office of the CPC Central Committee, the General Office of the State Council, issued the ◇…□”Opinions on Normalization to the Fighting of the Fighting of the Fight○★▪”, and launched the normalization and evil The struggle made arrangements. Not long ago-△••, the national anti-evil special struggle summary commendation meeting was held in Beijing, and the special struggle for sweeping black and evil was successfully closed. In the past three years▽△△▲, the special struggle of sweeping black and evil has completely hit the arrogant flame, political ecology and social ecology continue to optimize▽▪●, greatly enhance the peoples sense, happiness, safety. Special struggle is a new beginning of the normalization struggle. At present○☆, the black and evil forces illegally criminal organism for. bovine collagen peptide factory hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptide Contacts collagen peptide drink protein drink industry stats!