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[bulk pectin]Original title: They steal the small fish that cant sell the price, why is it claimed to be 1●▼☆.3 billion? The biggest sea stealing case in the history of Jiangsu “small skin strip”□◇, meat color, four or five cents long, 1 a pound. ▽★▼”Old eyelid●…•”, black white belly▪■▲, ten cent fur, a few pounds. ◇◁•”Stupid”□■, small shrimp skin, a few pounds▷◇△★. They are squid, Fangs clouds and jade fish, belong to the bait fish who cant sell the price•○★. Since 2015, He Yanqing and Wang Wenbo are organized by fisheries during the operation of Rongcheng Fisheries Co.○-, Ltd., secretly fishing at sea, with a number of 9.1 million kilograms=▷▪▷. But they didnt think that the caught is a small fish that is worthless, actually by the procuratorate to claim 13 billion! Things are not that simple. On March 22, Lianyungang City Guannan Peoples Procuratorate included th gelatin soft capsules halal capsule gelatin!

Original title Liaoning Provincial Party Secretary Chen Xingcheng talks about political ecological construction-■◆★: resolutely rectifying the vocabulament of Chinas voice “News” report☆○□, yesterday afternoon◁◆▷△, the 13th National Peoples Congress held the Liaoning delegation held a group opening day. The on-site reporters surrounded by the political ecological construction of Liaoning Province★■, the quality of the Northeast region•○. Representative of the National Peoples Congress, Chen Qifa in the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee★◁▽◆, said on the spot…●◇, in the case of the political ecological construction of Liaoning, “do real things, implementation rights●▷△□, seek effect, tricks◆▷▽▪, resolutely rectify the fake, engage in flicker. Advance the selection of cadres, relying on people The product has become a consensus. The political ecology of wind and gas is being formed◇•▷○. ◆◁”As an important province in the implementation of the strategy of Northeast China…▽○◇, the development of Liaoning has always received attention. In 2016, Liaoning GDP growth rate -2.5% beca what are bovine hide collagen peptides gelatin classification!

Original title: Lee Yongjian, the NPC: Further promote security professionalization○…, strengthen security practitioners to improve the publics professional recognition of the security service industry? How to make more people work in security? Li Yongjian, director of the National Peoples Congress-•▼, Director of the Department of Enterprise Management of Haidian Branch of Beijing Security Service Corporation, to further promote security professionalism, increase security professional security, strengthen security training◇▼○, so that more people will regard security as a lifelong profession. Li Yong introduced that the security guards actively participated in and supported the work of anti-terrorism, major security and rescue disaster relief, and safeguarding the public security organs and safeguarding the social and economic development. Safeguarding the peoples living and promoting social harmony and stability have made significant contributions■=▲. Li Yong said■□=,.

Original title△▲▪: Dalian City implements housing purchase restriction policy Xinhua News Agency Dalian March 22 (Reporter Bai Yongquan) Dalian Municipal Peoples Government released the =□▼”Notice on Promoting the Sustaining Health Development of the Real Estate Market•△…”, in order to meet the first set of just needed, support housing improvement, inhibiting investment Speculative behavior★…, promoting the stable and healthy development of the real estate market▷▽, and implements housing purchase restrictions on the 22nd. According to the notice, Dalian City Household Registration Households has 2 sets of housing in Zhongshan, Xigang District, Shahekou District▼…, Ganjingzi District and High-tech Park (△•▼○”Central City”)○=, suspension to sell Zhongshan District▷▪, Xigang District, The housing of Shahekou District and High-tech Zone (“Restricted Region”)□▽=▷. It is understood that non-Dalian household registration residents have 1 sets of housing in the central city☆▼•, suspend housing to sell restrictions. Non-Dalian Ci.Contacts.