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Gelatin wholesale gelatin leaf to powder,[china gelatine porcine]Original title: [Solution] Trump gave Liu Hexin to the United States “under Ma Wei”? Foreign media caves do not have to be too large to March 1, Trump announced that the US plans to pay 25% and 10% of comprehensive scratches in imported steel and aluminum. On the occasion of Liu He visited the United States, released such a statement, naturally, the media began to show it. For example, the previous report said that this news will be “negative to China”▼●; some domestic self-media is also following the stupid, believe that China will launch a fierce trade war, and even the main purpose of Liu Hexin. That is, “blocking this war.” Is the situation really so crisp? It is not deny that the remarks of China and the United States have maintained a high heat in the past year★•▽○. This is not unfortunate△◆, there is somethi.

Original title◆□-◆: Tianjin Deputy Retirement 5 years later to depart the source: Changan Street…▪, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection◇▽, then push the tiger small climax – last Tuesday, the former vice president of the Hebei Provincial Political Consultative Conference◆▪, Zi Wenli put the case; this Tuesday-■, Tianjin Chen Weifeng, the former Vice Chairman of the CPPCC, was left to the party for two years and determined its retirement according to the deputy department level. Changan Street ICAP (WeChat ID: Capitalnews) noted that this senior official who had retired for 5 years has been awarded in the 1980s, gaining honors such as the first national “young entrepreneur★▲”. Including Chen Weifeng●■•, Tianjin has had 5 depth levels of cadres in recent years△▽●◁, of which is 3 people◆□☆. Chen Wefeng Chen Qi Feng was born in March 1950, once a long time to work in engineering, urban construction, planning system, January 2003, he promoted to the deputy mayor of Tianji.

Original title: Wang Yi refutes “Chinas replacement of the United States▼•” theory: fundamental strategy misjudgment▼□◆ chicken collagen! Liberation Daily · View Journalist Zhu Yizhen Wang Hai Yan Chen Heiyi responded to whether China and the United States will fight “trade war▼□▲▽”, Wang Yi said: The trade war never resolves the correct way to solve the problem, and the results can only be harmful. “If there is a competition between China and the United States, it should be a positive competition. In other words, China and the United States can have competition…•, do not have to do an opponent, more partners.•★■▼” He said○▪★☆. Wang Yi said that as the big country associated with two interests, as the worlds first and second largest economies◁◇, China and the United States must not only be responsible for the interests of the people of the two countries, but also to the world. I hope that both parties are in full swing•■◁☆, and they jointly find a mutually beneficial way through equality and constructive dialogu.

Original title: Movie “Break, my country■▲◇□” expert viewing seminar held on the afternoon of Beijing○▷▲, a large record movie organized by China Shadow Shares and CCTV Finance and Economic Channels …=□”is amazing◁■•, my country” expert viewing seminar Hold in Beijing. The large record movie, China Film Co., Ltd.◇=△◇, China Film Co○△.…▼◇◆, Ltd., China Film Co., Ltd△△., CCTV, Ali Xiangyai-□…, is “amazing•▷●◇, my country△=” has landed on March 2. As of late March 8▽-★-, the film box office has exceeded 180 million▷▪▽, which has triggered a living in the people. Responsible Editor◁■■△: Zhang ? fish collagen peptides market what is bovine collagen peptide