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[purity products collagen]Original title: Non-China cooperation is beneficial to both sides, we often say “words written on the face=△▼”▲•▽, meaning when I look at you, you can see me, this is the best communication. Thats why we have to participate in the China-African Cooperation Forum Beijing Summit▼◆○■, facing face●•. In todays world▼=•▪, countries are close to each other, and Africa works closely with Chinese shoulders▽◆…▪. Therefore, China s constructing a more close-in-law community is particularly important●▪●. We hope to launch a comprehensive cooperation in various fields to build a closer non-fate community▲-◆. We have been committed to maintaining multilateralism and strong opposing trade protectionism●◆▪. Trade protectionism is an extremely short-sighted worldview▷○. Protectionist measures can only be temporarily profitable, and it will bring more harm. Stu.

Original title: How to determine the selection of cadre behavior [Typical case] Cases☆•★, a B-city committee research decided to take out 4 municipal management leadership positions••▽, adopted “double push double test…○•”, and publicly selected in the city. In addition, after the release of the announcement and recommended registration, recommend nominations, interview assessment◆•…•, organizational examination, quantitative ingredients, etc., the Ministry of Municipal Party Committee adopts a difference specification, identifying four suggestions, and submits the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee. Consideration and discuss it•■☆●. After investigation, the four cadres of the selection were the children of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee. Among them, Sun was only one and a half years, ie, as the qualification, and did not meet the qualifications of the qualifications-●◁, and did not report to the superior organization (personnel) department agreed. Although the masses made an objection to this public selection , But organizational departme!

Original title: [Details Disclosure] Why is the highest inspection directly some of the Beijing Nine Source: Changan Street, March 9, March 9★■★, the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate, Cao Jianming, at the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress, attended the work report The Beijing procuratorial organs were mentioned in the report●▲•, and the local procuratorial organ of the number mentioned was included. The content covered the Beijing procuratorate actively serving the national major strategic implementation•■●, preventing significant risks▷○●◁, deepening the reform of the judicial system, and the country Monitoring system reform and experience practices in typical cases in accordance with the law○•▪●. 1◇•. Reporting the original text -◁◁◁”Resolutely safeguard the national security ….☆☆◇▽.▽□=△.☆●. Beijing, Yunnan, Xinjiang and other discipline inspectors from the express arms” 10 · 28 “, Kunming•▷☆” 3 · 01 -▪▷”, Shao▲▼□□” 7 · ■▽▽△.

Original title▽★: Force sones gelatin sepharose functional properties of proteins in food industry●▪! China Telecom This app is not only for more than 70 permissions, but also to modify your address book .▷▷◁△.. a normal mobile browser, not open positioning permissions, can not use it properly★◆◆○; a normal mobile phone input method▼•◁•, reject it to collect you Personal information such as credit card number and password will not be used for you ■△▲★..○▲. After the mobile app is excessively acquired by the media exposure, some software developers not only do not correct the mistake, but also •▲▷”forced index”…-=◁. Is the users true “not sensitive to privacy”, still there is no room? The Xinhua News Agency reporter conducted a random test of some of the APPs prevailing△•. App Place: Do not authorize not to use “I want to master my traffic usage•☆▽◁, so I downloaded a telecommunications business hall app, the result is to u.

Original title: German media: Chinas digital field flourishing innovation Quality World Leading March 5, the State Council Prime Minister Li Keqiang made a government work report. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yan Peng photo Overseas Network on March 6th, the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress opened in the Great Hall of the People, and Li Keqiang reported to the General Assembly on behalf of the State Council■▼. In the report, in the past five years, Chinas innovative driving development results are fruitful. The National Daily “New Germany” said in the report that in recent years▼●○, China has been flourishing in the field of digitization◇=, but also in the world leadership•▲. “New Germany▼-▲□” is mentioned in the report that Li Keqiang especially emphasizes the establishment of Chinas popular entrepreneurship in the governments work report▼▪, especially the •■”Internet +” is widely integrate.Contacts substitute for rigid collodion china gelatine porcine,