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Contacts![grlatin]Original title: Tang Jianghu Committee: It should be completely prohibited “Some provincial and cities new media, the WeChat circle is still hot and fried in the first time, the hype is repeatedly banned, and it has become a difficult disease of Chinese education.” National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Tang Jiangxi, the president of Xishan High School, Jiangsu Province, hoping, can completely prohibit speculation champion▪…. In Tang Rong, the champion is an evaluation result of the academic test, which has both limitations and incidental. The annual champion has created a public opinion atmosphere of the score, deviating from the direction of education for students to fully develop▽●★, so that the value orientation of the emergency fame and the fundamental task of the Lidshist conflict with the ideological consciousness, opposite. Behind the champion, it is the interests of the sonistic competition◆□◇☆. Tang Jiangxi believes that relying on the high school entrance examination prostitute to grab the quality of life, rely on quality sourc.

Original title■●◆=: Two sessions small encyclopedia 丨 This round of institutional reforms set up the Detarating Military Affairs Department? Today, the news brush screen on the reform of a new round of institutions in the State Council. Since the reform and opening up, my country has experienced a number of State Council institutional reforms? What are the departments of the State Council? Why set up the retired military affairs department▲▽◆■? Look together. 1▼△●◇. Since the reform and opening up, the State Council has experienced several large-scale reforms? The State Council institutional reform plan will be considered in the 1. 3th National Peoples Congress△-▼▷. my country will conduct reform of government agencies in the 8th scale since the reform and opening up. Since 1. 982, the State Council has been reforms several times, and the average will be adjusted every 5 years◆▽▷◁. The previous seven reforms were in 1▲○○. 982, 1. 988…▲, 1. 993, 1. 99 china gelatin powder online supplier gelatin fish collagen peptides by custom collagens hydrolyzed!

Original title: Tax talent adjustment expectations The fastest in the second half of the year has always been one of the topics of the worlds two sessions. Since 2011, the tax threshold is increased to 3■▷,500 yuan, and the tax reform has finally ushered in substantial big actions in seven years▷•. Experts said, according to the principle of taxation, adjust the tax gauge need to enter the legislative procedure=◇, and appropriate adjustments according to the comments, expect to land in the second half of the year. This years government work report proposes that it is necessary to increase the deduction of personal income tax□▷, increasing childrens education◆▷•, major illness and other special expenses, reasonable reduction, encouraging the people to increase income through labor▪•, and move towards wealth. On March 7, Shi Yaobin, deputy director of the Ministry of Finance, said that my countrys tax is now a model levy, which is transformed into a “integrated and classification▲■-” tax syste.

Xinhua News Agency Tianjin May 26 (Reporter Zhou Runjian) “The moon rose it is already striking”, so I only observed the port of the light, and the red on the moon faded at a little bit-▲, really like it. The girl is shameful••, ▲=☆□”said Wang Junfeng, a fan of Beijing astronomy. On the evening of the 26th◇△●○, the largest full moon •●◁”superimposed” The “Super Monthly Eaters” formed by the whole food is now in the world, bringing a rare visual feast to the public. This “super month whole food□◇◆▪” began at 16☆●:46 at 16:46 Beijing time (half-shadow food), after a first loss, food▼☆▲, food●•△, light▽…, complex circle, etc-★., ending at 21■●:51 (half The shadow is always in the process of 5 sma. collagen drink liquid whey protein uses in food industry