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[bovine hide collagen peptides]China News Code Guiyang May 27th (Zhou Yanling Shu Xing) 2021 China International Data Industry Expo (“2021 Digital Bo▲-“) is held in Guizhou•▲■, the Secretary-General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Vladimir Norov said this Successfully implementing big data and artificial intelligence related technologies will open new development opportunities for the majority of developing countries. The effectiveness of the big data in Guizhou is amazing. The Secretariat of the Organization is willing to cooperate with Guizhou, with several exchanges to promote the new and greater results in both parties. At present□◆◆•, China is accelerating from the data big country towards the data strong country…★. Statistics show that Chinas digital economy has reached 39…=◇.2 trillion yuan in 2020 (RM◇•.

Original title: National Grain and Material Reserve Leadership Ban March 27△…□, the State Grain and Material Reserve Office Released: Recently, the State Food and Material Reserve held a party group to expand the meeting=…, the central government departments responsible comrades announced the central government The Decision of the National Food and Material Reserve Leading team appointed and put forward clear requirements on the implementation of the central decision-making deployment. Member of the National Development and Reform Commission-★, the Party Secretary of the National Food and Material Reserve Bureau, and the Director Zhang Director Zhang Waitou hosted the meeting and speaking◆□; the party group members▪△=, deputy director Zeng Li▽▪●, Lu Jingbo, Han Weijiang attended the meeting. “Police NEWS” (WeChat ID: ZSENEWS) noted that the above news shows that the party secretary of the country, the Secretary of the Party Group▲☆▼, Director, Director◆◆…, has been served as newly established national food and material☆…●.

The newly released Supreme Peoples Court Work Report has a brightest point, severely punish corruption crime, correct the wrong case, and maintain the =●○”safety on the tip of the tongue”, etc. Xiaobian selected a “golden sentence” from the report===□, so that you first read the report. Adhere to the “Tiger Shooting△□◆◁” does not relax, always maintain a high-pressure situation on corruption, improve the judicial case of criminal cases, severely crack down and shock corrupt molecules○▷●. Strictly punish the corruption that happened around the people. Never let the corrupt molecules are economically beneficial. Never let the corrupt molecules escape the trial of justice. Increased the punishment of the safety crimes against food and drugs, and strive to protect the right to life and health of the people and “safety on the tip of the tongue.” Strengthening the original law, reflecting the legal scale△…, reflecting the judicial temperature, achieving the fusion of the law, letting he-…◁!

Original title: Carrying Chinese tourist bus in Thailand, in the car accident culture and tourism department▽●•▲, supervising as soon as possible to find out the reason New Beijing News (Reporter Wang Zhenzhen) Local time on March 23◁▽•, a 16 Chinese tourists (including 1 Chinese leader The tourist bus encounters a car accident in Phuket, Thailand, 4 of whom injured. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism attach great importance to the incident, requiring relevant aspects to do good work. After receiving the accident, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism attached great importance to the Minister of Tree▲▽, Li Jin, the deputy director, solemnly asked the Chinese Tourism Office in Thailand to understand the situation◆•▲★, and fully assist me in Thailand to make a hurt tourist treatment and follow-up disposition. Work. The reporter learned from the Cultural and Tourism▼●, as of now, the injured tourists have received proper treatment of Thailand local hospitals. Thailand police are coordinating insurance companie.

Original title•▽◇○: Helicopter forced landing, 4 injuries involved in Beijing, Beijing area, temporarily suspended New Beijing News (Reporter Zhang Wei) On July 30, a helicopter flying due to failure forced Beijing Chaoyang■▪◇◆. On the 7th, the helicopter belongs☆=▽, Huabin Tiaxing General Aviation Co., Ltd•◇=◁.★▼, published an announcement, has received the Civil Aviation Authority notice, during the accident survey▽☆▪, suspended all flight activities in Beijing☆☆; at the same time combined with safety inspections, carry out the companys safety rectification jobs. Previously, the Beijing News reported that on July 30, a civilian helicopter in Chaoyang District, Beijing suddenly fell. The reporter learned from Beijing Huabin Tianxing General Aviation Co., Ltd. that a Bell 429 helicopter encountered a special task in the vicinity of Jingcheng Expressway, and the pilot timely disposes away from the crowd☆★. Beijing police report, the accide. china edible gelaitn purenature collagen ultra Gelatin wholesale melting point of collagen galetin,