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[bovine hide collagen peptide]Original title●□▽•: Shanghai Putuo a man killed his ex-wife and 4-year-old daughter before he committed suicide. The picture from the network police report: At 11 oclock on May 19▷▲, 2018◇★, the Putuo police received alarm○★●▼, and there were two people in a cell room in Guangxin Road=★▷▼. After the police arrived, I found that Weng (female, 36) and his daughter (4 years old) have died◆□△. At 11:50 on the same day△★☆, the Putuo police report again, and a man jumped from a high-rise from Shiquan Road•…◁☆. After forensic inspections, the deceased is Gu Ming (male, 39 years old, is ambient▷▲, in line with the high-end death characteristics, excluding him. After preliminary investigation△▽•, Gu Mou was killed after the familys conflict was murdered. Currently, the case is in further investigation. The incident community. Xinmin•….com Map on May 19th, Shanghai Putuo Distri.

Original title••-▲: Zhou Xiaochuan responded to who will pursue the central bank: You guess, March 9th morning, Mei Dia Center Multi-Film, China Peoples Bank of China, Zhou Xiaochuan, Vice-President Yigang, Vice-General, National Forex Management Pan Gongsheng, the Secretary for Board, answered the question of China and foreign reporters on the “financial reform and development◇☆”☆▷●■. Note on the scene of “WIS NEWS” (WeChat ID: ZSENEWS)●●◆, after the official question, Zhou Xiaochuan was asked by the reporter, Zhou Xiaochuan laughed “will have the opportunity to ask again.” Some reporters shouted ▼•◇”Who is your successor?”, Zhou Xiaochuan laughed “you guess△▲◇☆!▽-” Zhou Xiaochuan pointed out in the press conference that some of the news that the people will play in the new financial supervision framework. More important role. He said that the financial supervision system reform is still in progres what is bloom gelatin•△○… gelatin factory in!

Original title: Thirteen Five-Year Plan “Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Groundwater Pollution Characteristics Identification and System Prevention and Control Research” research group launched on-site investigation Beijing Tongzhou groundwater pollution mainly from facial source pollution: China Environmental News is accelerating “13th Five-Year” water body Progress in pollution control and major medical science and technology☆-•, practice ▪-“Beautiful China · I am an actor” concept, “” Research on Groundwater Pollution Characteristics of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei●•◆, the research (2018ZX07109-001) “research group in March 2018◆▪□, respectively In May, July 3, I went to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Key Research Area ▲▲”Beijing Tongzhou District” and ▲◆”Dihuishun Plain District” to conduct on-site investigation. The basic situation of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Key Research Area is located in Beijings tidal The plain and the middle and lower reaches of the Yongding River flooded the plai△…☆.

Original title●-: 250,000 problem vaccine exposure, all sales to Shandong★◁ About Us.! How many truths have been hidden in Changsheng▪◆▪=? On July 15, the daily economy news (micro signal•□▼●: nbdnews) exclusively reported that the long-lived creature (002680.sz) issued an emergency notice●▼=, requiring the provincial promotion team to immediately notify the district and county disease control agencies and inoculated units, immediately Stop the companys rabies vaccine immediately seals the company rabies vaccine. Subsequently, the State Drug Administration announced that the National Drug Administration found that Changchun Changsheng Biostalifier has a recording and false fake and false violation of the ■★◆△”Quality Management of Drug Production”, ordered Changchun Changsheng to stop production of madly vaccine•●…▪. At the same time△▷▽, the regulatory authorities recovered long-lived biological bodie industrial bacteria protein○▽ ae proteina industries inc email address!