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[hard gelatin capsule]On March 8, 2018, the Foreign Minister Wang Yi held a press conference at the 13th National Peoples Congress. Beijing News reporter Xue Yu calm title●◇: 2018 National two sessions 丨 Foreign Minister Wang Yi: Calling on the United States to bring contact and dialogue to the New Beijing News (Reporter) Today (March 8th)○-=, the 13th National National At the press conference of the National Peoples Day○◁○▲, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi replied to the ★★★◁”Chinas Foreign Policy and Foreign Relations◁□□” to answer questions. When I replied that the reporters situation about the semi-semi-point situation, Wang Yi said that the fact that the ■◆•…”Double Suspension” initiative proposed by China is a good party for the disease●□, and creates the most basic conditions for the north-south improvement relationship▽•■. Calling on all parties, especially the United States▷◁▼◁, and the two sides will come into contact and dialogue as soon as possible. “This is the most concerned about the current international communit?

Original title: Yiwu 40 years epitomy: from chicken hair to sugar to global e-commerce spring thunder□★▼★, wake up. 40 years ago, a variation of the change was yes. Open is wind☆-•△, reform is the wave. This is the wind of the end of Qingping▷△▲, which is the waves between the turbulent trend. Finally, it will become a wind■□, the trend of the river, after 40 years of flush, shaped our current era▽=▪◁. Section: Whether it is a “economic miracle” that lasts for decades, it is also the increasing heart▪▷◆◇; whether it is a 360-line “Internet +•☆”, or walk into the express delivery takeaway of ordinary peoples home, new “four inventions…=□▼”; no matter It is the “high quality growth▽▷” of the macro●◆★•, or the “consumption upgrade” of the peoples livelihood ▼○… all marked the “New Years Day” of the Chinese Society after 40 years of reform. See the micro-knowledge, s•△?

Original title: Yang Zhiji, member of the Party Secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture, nominated that the director of the selection of Yang Zhizhi March 26th, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture held a seating cadres. Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, Minister of Propaganda, Wang Yanwen, Minister of the United Front, attended the meeting and speaking. Tang Qun, the Ministry of Organization of the Provincial Party Committee, read the provincial party committee decided: Comrade Yang Zhipiji is a party secretary of the Provincial Department of Culture○◁▼, nominates the selection of the Provincial Department of Culture, and Comrade Xu Yaoxin is no longer serving the Director of the Provincial Department of Culture, Party Secretary. Xu Yaoxin presided over the meeting▷▪, Yang Zhizhi, Xu Yaoxin first made a statement. Wang Yanwen pointed out that in recent years, the Provincial Department of Culture adheres to the new development concept, and vigorously improve the level of cultural undertakings and cultural industries. Cultural leadership and cultural soft strength are further enhanced●◆. In order to promote Jiangsu culture high-quality development in the forefront Active tribu?

Zhongxin Net Chongqing May 27th (Reporter Zhong Wei) Chongqing Electronics Social Security Card issued over 10 million live events on the 28th of the city of Fujiang District. The reporter learned that Chongqing Social Security Card has basically realized full coverage. Since launching an electronic social security card issued in March 2019, it has issued an electronic social security card over 10 million, reaching 11 million☆★▲. According to reports, the electronic social security card is issued by the national social security card platform, the effective electronic voucher applied to the unified management, and the entity social security card function corresponds to the unique map. Electronic social security card combined with electronic certification, biometric identification, artificial intelligence and other Internet security technical means, implement line application “real person▽▼◁◇, re.