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[industrial protein]Many media such as Larase, Indias local time▷☆•▼, I invited local government officials on May 28 that at least 11 of the Aligah region in Northern India were killed by drinking fake wine. According to reports, a few villages in the Alisor region purchased alcoholic drinks from a nearby liquor store in a regular business license. Since the 27th, some people have a physical discomfort after drinking alcoholic drinks◁▷△. On the 28th◇=, the local police department received a report of 11 deaths, and many people were taken to the local hospital for treatment◁☆□, and the number of deaths may rise further…=☆▪. According to the local police, the wine store has be◇▽▷.

Original title: Two will come out of the voice of the “essence”! It is necessary to use legislation to maintain a nations emotional bottom line, a nations spirit bottom line. On February 19, two men were wearing imitation of the Japanese military uniforms in the Nanjing Zijinshan Anti-Japanese War Site●☆. Afterwards★◇◆, they were detained for 15 days by Nanjing police…-•. △ Two mens wear imitation Japanese military uniforms in Nanjing Zikinshan Anti-Japanese-War Bunker photo is no longer▽○◆○, on February 22nd★=, Meng Mou released “Nanjing 300☆•○-,000 too little” in the WeChat group, and was detained by Shanghai police for 5 days. What cant I dont think, Mon Mon◆□-▷, Meng Mou came to the invasion of the Japanese Nanjing Massacre victims to shoot video. In the video, he said fierce•=, insulting others ▷◁… △ Mengs Japanese massacre was killed. Fair Memorial Ha industrial production of whey protein industrial protein expression g l★□• Gelatin wholesale. protein bar industry fish collagen peptide granule!

Our reporter Wu Lihua reported sharing bicycle is an emerging travel method■□◇▷, as a typical representative of shared economy in the past two years•○▼, is known as one of the “new four inventions”, showing Chinese Zhizhi and China creation New achievements and new images. In the past two years, the whole society has greatly improved the understanding and application of shared bicycles=…★. In order to further enlarge the social and economic benefits of sharing bicycles, the 13th National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the chairman of Xinhualian Group●-, Fu Jun The two sessions submitted the proposal entitled “It is recommended to share the shared bicycle to be part of public transportation components, promote the health of urban public transportation.” Under the large framework of the urban integrated transportation system★-, the bicycle is constantly changing as the composition of urban public transportation. Part, incorporating urban public transportation syste▽••▼.