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[soft gelatine capsule]Original title: Xiao Yaqing, director of the State-owned Assets and Assessment of the State Administration of State: Listed state-owned enterprises to maintain a minority shareholders interest on March 5▼☆☆, Xiao Yaqing▪•★◇, director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Commission of the State Administration of State…☆, said in an interview with Securities Times in the Great Hall of the People, many state-owned enterprises are listed companies, listed companies should abide by listed companies…◁. The rules, to maintain the rights and interests of minority shareholders to ensure the return of the enterprise. Source: Securities Times Network Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Huo .

Original title▽•▽▲: Where is the •▷”reform whirlwind□▽-▼” of the first chairman of the SMS Regulatory Commission? According to a number of media reports□▷●, on the afternoon of the 21st, Guo Shuqing, president of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, was appointed as the Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission (hereinafter referred to as the ▪◆”Bank of China-☆▽”) first chair. It was proposed that the State Council Institutional Reform Plan will be put forward, will integrate banks, insurance supervision bodies, and form the Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission. Guo Shuqings taking office means that ■▽△”Silver Bao Merge◆……▲” officially opened the curtain. More challenges, still waiting for this official who is known to reform. China News Agency reporter Futian photo (Source: Zhongxin.com) “The Reform” of ▼□●”Book Angry” was born in 1956 Guo Shuqing by many industry people as a “Confucian scholarous official”□◁. Turnover public informati▷●▪●!

Original title●■•▷: Xie Fuzhan▽▷◆, dean of the new Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, is a strong sense of responsibility, and the mission is glorious◁▲◆, and the new dean of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Xie Fuzha. ▼☆”First explain it△○▷▼, not an important speech type ii chicken collagen protein!☆▼■” On April 2nd==, when the new dean of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences…■★▽, Xie Fuzhan smiled and said this sentence, the applause sounded★◇••. Before speaking-▲•, he also got deep down to the stage, and then turned over to the new and old colleagues who were arguing to the chairpeted. On April 2nd, Xie Fuzhan…★, the Dean of the New China Academy▲■, and the Secretary of the Party Group, appeared in a national resort in Beijing West Second Ring Road. In the last month, he just took the Secretary of Henan Provincial Party Committee and bid farewell to the five-year land of the five years. In 2013○▷◇, he turned from the director of the State Council Research Office, he served as the governor of Henan Province. He said before returning to Beijing…◆, “five years working in Henan○◁▼●, it hydrolyzed gelatin halal About Us collagen wholesale, gelatin gel!