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[protein industry scabdals]Zhongxin Net Guangzhou May 26 (Reporter Cheng Jingwei) Guangdong Provincial Peoples Government Information Office held a press conference on the 26th■□◁◁, introducing •-“Guangdong Province to accelerate the implementation of high-quality development of urban natural gas industry-□=”. The program suggested that by 2025, the natural gas penetration rate of urban residents in the province of Guangdong Province reached more than 70%, and the annual gas volume reached 2 billion cubic meters○▷. The city and county completion area is basically fully covered•○. “Guangdong Province urban residential pipeline natural gas penetration rate increased by 30% by the end of 2015 to 50% by 2020, but there is still a small gap compared with Beijing••…, Shanghai☆…◁, Jiangsu and other places.” Guangdong Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department Director Liu W☆▲△?

Original title△▼…: A little ear of this retired old secretary▪◇, how many numbness is awake? Recently, a 91-year-old retired old leader. According to media reports, 38 years ago, Zhou Zhenxing, secretary of Heze District=▪◇•, Shandong-▪=▲, to Cao County, “Red San Village”, visiting the 83-year-old, a great contribution to the revolution. When Zhou Shi asked the old people in the body, the elderly hesitated•◇▲: …○”I want to eat half a bowl of fertile pork.★▲=” Zhou Shuji deeply shouted▽◆▲-, took out the money to the township secretary, let him Meet the wish of the elderly. When he returned to the county, he contained the tears and said this old man▷=□▷. “Now, under our leadership…▲▷, you will have a heavy illness, but you cant eat the meat with thin flesh in the fertilizer. Comrades, we also have their own He suddenly raised his hand and played a crisp ea=▲■!

Original title: Environmental protection has achieved a positive progress in the background of environmental supervision. The environmental supervision is still seriously on April 19. The Ecological Environment Department held a routine conference★…☆, and the Director of Water Environment Management△☆◇, Zhang Bo★=, answered questions■▲. CCTV: Recently★○-•, the media exposed a number of enterprises illegally violated waste waste, sewage▼●, etc-△□◁. Zhang Bo□☆•: As an environmental management worker▽□•◇, every time I see this situation, special angry, like everyone. Here I want to thank the friends in our press, putting such an ugly phenomenon to the desktop•■, put it on the desktop to everyone to see it○=●◇, it will promote him to rectify and solve the problem○▽•. Therefore•◁▽•, the information disclosure is environmental protect.

Original title: Sichuan Provincial Peoples Congress Standing Committee Vote Through a group of personnel Ren Zhiyi○■, Liu Zhicheng, a member of the Secretary of Justice, Sichuan Province, the 13th Peoples Congress Standing Committee▼▲▼△, representative qualification examination committee, a member of the newspaper◇▪■, Journalist Li Yuanli, March 29□◆◁★, in the afternoon, provincial ten The second meeting of the Standing Committee of the Third Peoples Congress has passed any case-free case and held a constitutional oath and award appointment ceremony▷▷. The meeting vote passed the governor Yin Lis case-free case to the Standing Committee of the Provincial Peoples Congress, and decided to appoint Liu Zhicheng as the Director of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Justice. The meeting vote passed the case of the provincial court Wang Shujiang to the Provincial Peoples Congress Standing Committee☆•. Undo Sichuan Sichuan Higher Peoples Court tried to supervise the vice president of the Temple, the judges of the judges▼=; revoke He Yingjiangs senior peoples court judges▪•. Free of He Mingyus Chengdu Railw◇▷★.

Original title: The second batch of central environmental inspections 7 provinces…★, a total of 1048 people in the provincial level 3 people Beijing News (Reporter Deng Qi Intern Yu Huun) Today, the Ecological Environment Department announced the second batch of central environmental inspections 7 provinces ( City) Public transfer case accountability shows that 7 provinces (cities) accountable 1048 accountability, including 3 provincial and ministerial cadres. According to the Ecological Environment, the second batch of 7 central environmental protection inspectors launched environmental protection inspections from Beijing, Shanghai, Hubei△△★=, Guangdong☆★◁, Chongqing○•●, Shaanxi, Gansu▲▲▷▷, etc. from November to December 2016. In April 2017••▲, he completed the inspector and feedback○•••. Synchronous handover 91 ecological environmental damage responsibility investigation, requiring place to further verify the situation, serious accountability▲□●▪. From the case of accountability, 7 provinces (city) accountable. kosher gelatin meaning empty gelatin capsules 00 sizePectin manufacturer.

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