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Pure collagen gelatin online bovine collagen peptide canada,[nk proteins pvt ltd industrial report]China New Network May 28th According to the Silver Bank of China website news, in order to further promote the pilot service of long-term nursing insurance system★▲◆, standardize the operational service behavior of insurance companies, promote the industrys ability to participate in social governance, fulfill social responsibility, and enhance The sensation and happiness of the participating people, the Yinhua Regulatory Commission recently issued the “Notice of the China Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission on Regulations and Insurance Corporation” (hereinafter referred to as “Notice”). …◁△”Notice” mainly includes the following: First▪-, it makes a clear requirement for the professional service capacity, project bid management, business risk management, information system construction, nursing institution management◆■. two .

Xinhua News Agency Qingdao June 10…■, China State Council, Diplomatic Minister Wang Yi, was interviewed in Qingdao on Qingdao on the 10th, introducing Shanghai Cooperatives to Qingdao Summit Results. The full text is as follows: 1. Ask: Chinas hosted Shanghai Cooperative Summit•◆, at the same time, this is also the first summit of Shanghai cooperative organizations, and the international community is highly concerned. How do you view the characteristics and meaning of this summit? A: Compared with the previous conference□■-☆, the Qingdao Summit can be described as the largest•◆, the highest level, the highest results, created a series of records. This time, the first time held after the first time. Shanghe Organization has 8 Member States, 4 observers, 6 dialogue partners, the economy and population account for 20% and more than 40%, respectively▲▽■◆, and become the most widely used worldwi?

Original title: Kang Tao Ren Fujian Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary, Zheng Xincong no longer served on March 28th, the Quanzhou Municipal Committee held the citys leading cadre conference●◆■, the Standing Committee of Fujian Provincial Party Committee, organizational Minister Hu Changsheng to the meeting, Vice Governor Zheng Xincong hosted the meeting=★★, provincial party committee Yang Guohao, executive deputy director of the Organization Department◆□•☆, announced the decision of the provincial party committee to adjust changes in the main leaders of Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee▽…◁. The provincial party committee decided▼★: Comrade Zheng Xincong no longer served as Secretary of the Communist Party of China, Standing Committee, and Committee; Comrade Kang Tao was a Secretary of the Communist Party of China☆-●□. Kang Tao history Kang Tao, male, Han nationality, born in April 1963, Jiangsu Zhenjiang, January 1984, Joined the Communist Party of China, in August 1984▽=○☆, participated in the work▼□=▷, postgraduate degree. From September 1980 to July 1984, Nanjing University Economic Department Economic Management Profession▲●▷.