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[size 5 gelatin capsules]Original title: National Peoples Congress representative Cao Shan: Use legal means to fight the ratio box office to make Cao Shuifan visual Chinese data diagram for the current spending money to buy click, the hustle and fake☆■-◇, the box office is more intensified, the National Peoples Congress, Shanghai Radio and TV Station, Shanghai Cultural Broadcasting Cao Shuofei-△, the host of the Dongfang Satellite TV Center, said that the data is unscrupulous, and the data is seriously affected, and the cultural ecology must be severely blown through the judicial means▲☆=•, form a shock, purify the visual cultural environment▲□. Cao Shuifan proposed that the era of big data, the judgment of a cultural work, not only the subjective feelings needed, but also rely on data. However, data fake seriously affects cultural ecology. False box office, false click quantity, false ratings△★●△, etc☆★▽•.▲△△, these data based on fake basi…★!

Original title: Beijing high school septic pool explosion pollution drinking water to many students diarrhea? The school denied that China Youth Network Beijing September 10 news, recently, many news named “Dan Dan College Septic Pool Explosive Student Diarrhea◁▪” is circulated on social media, triggeting netizens. In response to this matter, the Beijing University of Technology Dan Dan College has repeatedly released the official website of the school, saying that the school septic tank did not have any abnormalities, and there is no explosion. On the morning of the 10th△●, a teacher, Beijing University of Technology, said to the Chinese Youth Net reporter that the Net biography is untrue★◇▪, and many students have diarrhea•▼…, and the district quarantine department represents or related to the Noro virus. Screenshots widely circulated in social media. This article comes from the Chinese youth network for understanding, the information about the incident is poste•★.

Original title: Beijing is nervous? Shanghai Take the account to grab the people, name the name to Beida Tsinghua picture Source: Tibet▼□▪.com Shanghai Student Affairs Center official website Recently released “2018 Non-Shanghai Shengyuan General College graduates into Shanghai employment application this Municipal Household Registration Measures”, Peking University◆◇▽, Tsinghua Universitys current undergraduate graduates, only need to meet basic declaration conditions•★, you can settle directly. In this regard△-▷, the staff of the Shanghai Student Affairs Center said that China and Xinjing and Wei●•▼□, Northern University, Tsinghuas undergraduate graduates only need to meet the “basic declaration conditions” established by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission▼☆, and do not need to participate in the score•▪■◇. Settlement. But what is the “basic declaration conditions”, which is called, they are not clear. Two universities undergraduates □●•”take care” graduate studen application of proteins in food industry marine collagen peptide powder▼● hydrolyzed collagen peptides from bovine hide!

Original title: Dont blow it•◇▲▷, dont move, who is shocked, who panic▲▪, who has blowing big, dont you do? Chinese technology, dont blow it into the ground○◆=. The evaluation of Chinas scientific and technological strength has always been a hot topic. After the United States, the heat of this topic has reached a historical peak. Many people have realized the importance of core technology. I realized that I can buy it is not all, I realize that independent innovation is the foundation of the country□…▼. These are positive effects. However, there are also many mistakes and practices that are still very popular◇★. We just clarified this as an opportunity○☆=. A common mistake is to blow the strength of China▪▲•☆, who is shocked▽◁…, who is panicked□…☆●. Some people often give me a variety of ▪▲…★”shocked” articles▷=■◁, ask me how to see, it is a bit unbearabl.

Original title: Wang Yong◇•: The establishment of the Ministry of Agricultural Rural Ministry, the 13th National Peoples Congress of the Ministry of Agriculture held the fourth plenary meeting on the 13th of the Great Hall of the People▲…●◆, listening to the statement of the National Peoples Congress on the draft monitoring law…-▼▽, listening to the State Council The draft decision on the establishment of the 13th National Peoples Congress special committee◁◁▪, the Vote for the Director of the 13th National Peoples Congress, the voting method of the Committee, the Vice Director☆◆…•, the Committee, Vote The National Peoples Congress Constitution and the Legal Committee, Director of the Financial and Economic Commission, member of the Deputy Director○▽▽•, and the Committee choose two draft draft◁◆. The following is a live record: Wang Yong=◇: (3) forming an agricultural rural department. Agricultural rural farmers issue a fundamental issue of peoples liveliho★☆.Gelatin wholesale protein skimmer industrial,