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[adding bovine collagen peptides to coffee]Original title: Jiangsu Provincial Government released the latest personnel, involving many municipalities○=□▪, counties (cities•●▽-, districts) peoples governments▲◆◁△, counties (cities, districts) bureaus, provincial committees■▷■•, provinces◇★-: study decided: Comrade Shi Jinfei is Nanjing Project Dean of the College; Comrade Zhu Linzheng is the president of the Jiangsu Institute of Technology, eliminating the position of the president of the Huaiyin Teachers College; the appointment of Jiao Fu people is the dean of the Huaiyin Teachers College; Comrade Wu Shenghong is a deputy principal and trial period of Nanjing University of Technology. Appointed Zhang Yesi is a deputy principal and trial period of Nanjing University of Finance and Economics. Comrade Wei Zhongping is a vice president of Nanjing Information Engineering; appointed Xu Shujiaos deputy principal and trial period•◁△; appointed Xu Shoukun comrades as Changzhou University Vice President◆◆★, a year of tria.

Original title: British media said that Chinas pollution is struggling to say goodbye to “a knife cut○•◇■”▽◆: the development policy will be more refined to refer to Message Network reported in British Media, China Plan ends in the “one knife cut” practice in control pollution, the Ecological Environment Department May On the 28th, the department is developing a more fine policy to adapt to local needs and minimizing economic damage▷□. According to Reuters on May 28-△▷□, the practice of local specific situations will be considered a bureaucratic style, and if there is a serious issue, officials will be responsible, and the Ecological Environment is said in a guiding opinion▲▽. According to the report, in order to achieve the air governance objectives▽◁=, China implemented comprehensive traffic◇△, coal use and industrial activities in the northern region of smog last year. New comments, for legal procedures and meet environmental protection requiremen.

Promote social e-commerce regulations Order development (multi-prism) Son Ming “Peoples Daily●◇” (May 28, 2021) Social E-commerce has experienced purchase, users take the initiative to share◇▲○, sales scenarios, rich and other unique advantages, suffering a lot Consumers welcome□□◁★, in recent years, enter the development of expressway regulating social business platforms◁☆★, need to play the synergy of all sectors, multi-pronged loopholes△☆, make up shortboard, promote industry standards, orderly healthy development, many people are afraid Such experience…•◁◇, there are always a few friends in the circle of business-△, all kinds of beauty○■, daily product information often brush the screen; social software▲▲◆■, often have friends to send links, ▪▪…”everyone helps me fight a single.