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[kosher gelatine]Original title: Wan Hualong□-: For five years, the Civil Legellor “The Participation of the Party” The Democratic Party Central Committee and the National Business and Commercial Federation Leaders will be held at the Golden Hall of the Great Hall of the Great Hall of the People on March 6th. The President of the Central Committee, the Chairman of the Central Committee, Ding Zhongli, Chairman of the Central Committee, Hao Mingjin, Chairman of the Peoples Central Committee, Chairman Chen Wei, the Central Committee of the Agricultural Workers▽=•◇, Chen Wei, Chairman of the Central Committee★▪, Chairman of the Jiu Sanchen Social President Wuweihua, the Chairman of the Taishang Central Committee Su Hui-◁…=, Gao Yunlong, chairman of the National Industry and Commerce, answered the reporter-▷■. The following is a live record▪●■: the Democratic Party Central and the National Industry and Commercial Leadership reporter will be held in the golden hall of the Great Hall of the People on March 6, inviting the President of the Central Committee of the People s Central Committee○●▼☆, Ding Zhongli▼▪○, the Central Committee of the Peoples Central Committee, Hao Mingjin, President of the Central Committee, Chairman of the Peoples Central Committee=□…-, Cai Dafeng, farm.

Chinas new network client Beijing May 27 (Reporter Zhang Xu) At the press conference held on the 27th, Sun Wenjian, a news spokesperson of the Ministry of Transport, said that, as of now, my countrys vaccine cargo transportation capacity is sufficient, smooth operation▼▲. On May 25, 2021, Guizhou University of Nationalities vaccinated the vaccine in the vaccination of new crown vaccine. Qi Honglun took the extensive development of new crown vaccination, and the task of vaccine cargo transportation was increasing. In particular, the recent epidemic sporadic scattered▲◆☆, and the demand for vaccination of people will rise again. Sun Wenjian said that in order to do a good job in the transportation organization and service guarantee of vaccine, the Ministry of Transport has taken the following five measures: one is op.

Original title: Notarization Disposal Convenient Equipment (Sound) Fu Zhenghua is lacking legal basis, and the notary agency can verify the proof of self-verification, will be canceled. Through the implementation of the notary matters, the material list is implemented, and the resolute exclude that the masses can be provided in the list○◆, minimize the burden of the masses, the notarization plays an increasing role in the lives of the people, the social needs of the notarization More and more▲•▪☆. The child is promoted, the house will be shaken, the village organizes the election voting▼◆☆, etc., you must find a notary. Up to now△●○, there are 2965 national notarization bodies•…□▲, 13▲☆,218 notariates, and 14.5 million billing permitted, and the notarized books have been used to more than 180 countries and regions. Notarization in legislation, law enforcement, judicial▷▪, law-abiding★●•▼, the status and role in various fiel?

Original title: Does the northern cooling during the Qingming period? Policity New Beijing News (Reporter Deng Qi Intern Yu Huaun) From April 2nd, the North, Inner Mongolia, Northeast China, North China and Huanghuai, in the northwest◆▪, ushered in the wind and cooling weather▽•. The Central Meteorological Observatory issued a high wind cooling forecast at 18:00 on April 1. What is the strength of this cooling weather? What is the impact? What impacts will be caused for the Qingming holiday travel and luxury flowers? Cold air back the trend is not ★△△◆”reverse spring cold”? Yesterday○▪▲▼, the Central Meteorological Observatory was interpreted by the cold air process◇■. Two cold air struck 7 days of temperature rebounded to the Central Meteorological Observatory◇△★, and there are two cold air processes◇◆◁. The first cold air has begun to affect the Inner Mongolia area, affecting the peri! bone gelatin gelatin from horsesGelatin wholesale beef collagen producer collagen protein,