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Gelatin capsule![warm jello for cough]Original title US media pay attention to Chinas left-behind children: parents are absent from education Quality Information Pictures: A left-behind children stand at home at home▷■. Reference Message Network reported on March 29 that the US media said, the global social media was lived with grandparents in a remote village of Yunnan=▷, Wang Fusheng ignited. Wang Fu is almost 3 miles per day (1 mile about 1.609 km – this net note) road to go to school. One morning, he appeared in the classroom, and a teacher took this scene and sent photos to the network▼▼, “Ice Flower Boy” Wang Fusi quickly became popular on the Internet□▪. This photo has also triggered concerns about many Chinese children to grow up with their parents. US “New York Times” website March 27 issue is “Chi•◁=△.

Image source▷▼: Real Madrid. China Xinwang client Beijing May 28th Beijing time on the evening of 27th, the La Royal Madrid club announced that the main coach decided to resign△▷▪, the club will respect his decision. This is the second time in Zida, I will give up the handsome position of the Real Madrid. During the two coaching imperialmuses, he got 11 champion trophies for Real Madrid. The official release of Real Madrid said: “Dedication, enthusiasm▷…○○, and professionalism made in Zixia) are grateful. Zidane is one of the great legend of Real Madrid●-•, whether as a player and coach△•, his contribution has far beyond the legendary itself●◇•◁. This is the second initiative to give up the emperors handshake in Zida. In 2018, Zidane led Real Madri◁☆ hard gelatin capsule size 0!

China New Network May 28th…◁, according to Jinan University website news, recently, the Tenth Termination of Overseas Chinese Media Senior Seminar in Jinan University○▷. More than 30 overseas Chinese media executives from 26 countries and regions in the world have gathered a three-day training◇=○=, and then they will go to Shandong and Jilin to conduct field investment. The training class was hosted by the Office of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, Jinan University and China News Agency. Lin Rupeng, Secretary of the Party Committee of Jinan University, Fan Yijin, the Honorary President of Journalism and Communication◁★, the State Council, the Ministry of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, the Tenthop Protocol, the three-level researcher…=, Yuan Chunhua attended the opening ceremony. Hosting the Dean of Jinan University Journalism and Communication College. At wo non edible gelatin gelatin non porcine meaning●○ gelatine fish supplier!

China New Network May 27th According to Russian satellite network, Russian actress Julia Hiseld and director Klim Siagracoa in Russia Training Center ▽=”League MS” spacecraft simulator Complete the first training. According to the Russian Space Administration, these two will be sent to the International Space Station in October this year, photographing a movie of space theme. On October 14, 2020, three astronauts in Russia and the United States took Russias …-▽●”League” MS-17 manned spacecraft, launched from Kazakhstan to the International Space Station (ISS), only 3 hours and 3 minutes. And successfully docked☆◇=, set a new record. Also Hilld in your personal social media accou.

Original title: Beijing is now available to registering the ruins of the tree 20 places to choose from the Beijing News (Reporter Xunna) today (March 21) is the International Forest Day. The reporter learned from the Capital Greening Committee Office that the public can contact each district reception point from now on, and sign up for the obligation to plant trees. According to reports, the Beijing planned voluntary planting is more than 1 million trees••▷◁, and 11 million strains were raised◆▷●. The reporter logs in to the capital garden greening government network and the capital national duty, the inquiry network is found. Beijing announced 20 social planting points this year◇□, with more than 1600 acres of tree planting=◇. In addition, Beijing announced the phonographic phone and reception time this year▪★□. Before planting▪▷▽▲, the public can contact in advance. Beijing has also established 32 forestry accreditation reception points, .