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Contacts face maskss beauty collagen,[the protein supplement industry takes a punch]Original title: Chongqing requires that after the primary and secondary school class, the service will not change to become a collective subsidy◆△-•. This newspaper Chongqing March 21st (Jiang Yunlong-▪…, Liu Min) reporter was learned at the Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Chongqing, I learned: Chongqing will Establish and improve the long-term mechanism of the service after the primary and secondary schools■☆◆…, and incorporate the post-class service work into the primary and secondary school evaluation system. All kinds of schools at all levels at all levels must take the initiative to take responsibility for the student after school▪▽, and must not evolve into collective teaching. The meeting proposed that the principles of students and parents “voluntarily participated in, independently determined time■▷, autonomous selection of service content”◆-★■, and the principle of “mainly adapt”. After the primary and secondary school class service, it is necessary to arrange the quality education idea to arrange the diverse class servic•▪.

Original title◇=: Chinese female reporter experience Phuket flock accident▲▽: The most terrible two and a half hours in Thailand, at around 5◇☆:45 pm local time, two boats containing 127 Chinese tourists are returning to Phuket Incidentally, a large storm, in the coral island and Madong Island•-●. As of about 6:50 on July 6☆▽, the search and rescue personnel have found 17 victims, and the number of victims of the ship has risen to 17 people, and most of the remains of the remains is about 2 kilometers from the direction of the incident□▪. When the picture is trapped, the reporter Lin Yingying is on another boat in the waters, in the huge waves of the wind◆●■, after 2 and a half hours of life and death, eventually escape, safe return. The following is her experience: Thailand local time 22:35, husband is sti.

Original title: Chinas southern Hydropower Station happens to the dam=△•-: will provide support and help in time [Global Network Comprehensive Report] On July 25▲■, 2018, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that some meeting records were as follows: ask According to Laos National News Agency•△•◆, a Hydropower Station in the Southern Department of Laos has ruled damages on July 23■•□■, causing many people to die, hundreds of people missing…▼, a large number of people homeless△▼▽▪. Will China provide disaster relief assistance? Is there any casualties in China? A•-…◆: The Chinese side expressed deep condolences to the casualties and property losses of the Laos Hydropower Stations▷◇, which showed a deep condolences□●. I hope that the missing personnel will rescue early••△, and the injured personnel will recover soon, and the victims will return to normal work. China is willing to provide a positive support for the hard work of reli.

Original title: The National Peoples Congress representative Wang embroidery■▷▪○: calling on the peony to become “national flower”, and determine the national flower is the symbol of national independence, social stability, and national prosperity==•☆, and the concentration of national culture, the spirit of the people, the peoples will. my country has not yet determined that national flowers, the graceful peony can be “national flower-•” and determine it in the form of law●…▷. The National Peoples Congress representative, Luoyang Museum Honorary Hall, the long king embroidered▲□△, there is such a call. The National Peoples Congress representative Wang embroidered image network diagram why is it suitable for national flowers? Wang Suan said that the peony is the world famous flower, graceful, rich and rich, with the history of the Chinese nation. Moreover•=▪△, Peony has higher industrialization in my countrys domestic flowers. The national cultivation area has reached more than 200,000 mu, and the peony industry has adjusted agricultural structure and increases farmers incom!

Original title: From bus private use to private car public▽▷…, vigilant new “wheel corruption◆▪▲” collagen peptide powder fish a weak acid solution consists of mostly nonionized△◆■ best gelatin supplement! Recently, Hunan Yiyang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection reported four private car publication cases. The Guizhou Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection has notified 1 private car publication case, Tianjin, Hubei, Zhejiang○▼•▼, etc. Renovation. From the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the circulation of all local discipline committees, such cases have not seen it. “Xinhua View Point” reporter investigation found that with the continued deepening of all parts of the style, the private car private use of the bus, but the private car publication of the tricks surfaced, and became a new variety of “wheels corruption▲☆”. Change the pattern “揩公 家” from the bus private car private car, and the problem of discipline in the reform of some local bus reforms has new trends. The reporter survey found that the expression of private car is divers.