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[halal certificated empty gelatin capsule shell]On the morning of the 27th, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Legislative Council Secondary Vote passed the “Perfect Election System (Comprehensive Amendment) Bill in 2021. A total of 42 Legislative Council members participated in the second-time vote▽◆■-, 40 votes☆■-. On the 26th, the Hong Kong Legislative Council resumed the second-reading debate on the •◆▽◆”2021 Perfection Election System (Comprehensive Revision) Bill” submitted by the Hong Kong SAR Government. During the second reading debate▪◆, Members fully express their opinions on the Bill…=. The relevant Bills will be three-read vote on the relevant Bill after the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. (Head reporter Jindong Zhou Weiqi Zhu Dan Liu Zhi Min Huang Yazu Feng Liangchen Li Zhiqiang Su Zijie Wang Wei) [Editor: Zhu Yanjin.

Original title=▽◆•: Resolutely cut the gray interest chain★○…▪: All the races of Yunnan tourism shopping venue rating “After a year of heavy punch rectification, the Yunnan tourism market zero group fee low price tour■◆, forced shopping, etc., but the rectification is never Will I have to waste halfway▪■◆. “The National Peoples Congress representative, Yunnan Provincial Governor▽●○◇, Yan Chengfa▽●▲, in the 13th National Peoples Congress◆•□, the Yunnan delegation opened on the opening day. Yunnan is a tourist province, and is also one of the earliest provinces of China. Yunnan Province has almost all tourism resources other than the ocean•…-, and is deeply loved by tourists at home and abroad. However, in recent years▽☆, Yunnan tourism market has frequently issued a public concern. I dont know if you remember, once, Yunnan tourism shopping places have levels. In accordance with the provisions of the ◇▽”Tourism Shopping Places] of Yunnan Province, according to the purcha.

Original title: The secretary of the Lu Xinshuos new Guangxi research site is selected•…=◆, saying “I have a shocking vivid party class☆◆!” Baise set the revolutionary old area, ethnic minority area, border area•……◁, Dashi Mountain••, poor area, in one Guangxi has special representation. From March 24th to 25th, the autonomous regions party secretary Lu Xin Shi shortly after the new☆…, and it came to Baise City◇▷□, deeply remembered the great achievements of the older generation of the grandfather of Comrade Deng Xiaoping◇▽, and found the progress of the poverty in the poverty and poor people. He emphasized that the whole district should be guided by the spirit of Xi Jinpings new era of Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party●■, earnestly implementing the important instructions of General Secretary in China to Guangxis work◆■•★, vigorously promoting “100% confidential, truth from facts◁■, relying on the masses, Unity struggle “Baise Uprising spir◁△?

Xinhua News Agency, August 25, Electronic reporters learned from the Heilongjiang Provincial Fire Department that a fire broke out in the North Dragon Tangquan District, Harbin•◇•, China in the early morning of the 25th. Up to now, the fire department confirmed that 16 victims were cleared. At present, fire rescue work is in progress, and the cause of fire is under investigation. (End) Click to enter the topic: Harbin 1 hotel has a fire caused multiple death responsibility Editor: Huo ■= peptone bacteriological!

China New Network on May 28th, according to the website of the Securities Regulatory Commission◇○, in order to implement the State Council deepen the “venting service” reform work requirements=●□■, compaction the internal control of the internal control of the company△▽★, concentrate on limited supervision resources, improve the effectiveness of institutional supervision , Promote the high-quality development of the industry, and the SFC announced the first batch of securities companies …△=”white list”. The first batch of securities companies in recent years have continued to implement all staff compliance and comprehensive risk management requirements, gradually improved compliance and risk management systems★…•●. According to the idea of ​​”classification supervision, venting combination”★▲▼□, the Securities and Regulatory Commission implements the “White List=●◁” system for the companys governance and compliance-controlled security securities companies, and cancels part of the securities company incorporating white lis pork collagen industrial scale protein production vital proteins collagen peptides fish!kosher collagen – vegetarian latipowder!