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bovine gelatin meaning gelatain raw beef gelatin,[cow bone gelatine]Original title◇◆: The spokesperson of the Environment responded to the air quality of Beijing in March: God does not help people must work hard to cover the news reporter Apruce April 19th, the ecological environmental spokesperson Liu Youbin responded this years March air quality decline It is said that the meteorological conditions in Beijing are very unfavorable in March▽★, and the atmospheric pollution diffusion conditions are the worst in the same history of 6 years. Recently•◇, the Ecological Environment has released the main area of ​​March 2018 and 74 urban air quality conditions. The data shows that the ratio of excellent days in Beijing has been 46◆▽△.7%, down 14.6 percentage points year-on-year. The PM2▼-★.5 concentration was 88 micrograms / cubic meters★…, up 39.7% year-on-year. “Atmospheric pollution prevention is both a battle, it is also a long-lasting battle.◁☆-” Liu Youbin said▷□▲▼, although atmospheric pollution prevention and treatme!

Original title Port media: China wants to combine AI push new robot challenge the robotic “four families” Data▼…: Robot Performance▽•○□. On June 7, the staff was entered on the high exam volume○▲. Xinhua News Agency◇◁▷, Xue Yubin…☆…▷, takes June 7th, “Star Mathematics College Entrance Examination Robot” AI-MATHS is answering questions. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xue Yubin Photo report news network reported that Hong Kong media said that with the continued advancement of the concept of “Industrial 4•☆.0” and “China Manufacturing 2025”, the Chinas industrial robot market has developed as in full swing■☆○▲. Data show that Chinas 2017 annual domestic industrial robot accumulates more than 130▲-,000 sets…▽○◆, an increase of 68.1% year-on-year◇◁★. Under the big trend of manufacturing☆▲☆□, intelligent transformation upgrades, industrial robots have a huge space, and it is expected that in the next few year☆▪★=.

Original title…○◆: Single Xiang: The Forbidden City, the main opening of the country◁○, three years of official opening of the country: Chinas voice “News□=●△” report: Single Xiang is in an interview with China Voice report, the main Palace Museum The site selection and design of the new museum have been basically completed, and it is expected to be officially started in the year▽=•△, and it will be officially opened after three years, which will be the best blending of technology and culture…▲. It is understood that the new museum has been approved in front of the north of Haidian District, Beijing, and has more than 100…-▽…,000 square meters■-. From the ▪◆■•”high-top” forbidden city■-, to the △•▷”explosive model▷▽▼=” manufacturers high-rise Palace Museum in the past few years, ▷□”Wenchuang products have more than one year sales…▪□◇,◁◁■☆” the Forbidden City has been attaind attention◆▷▷●. During the Boao Forum for Asia 2018◁■-, Yangguang reporter Han Me.

Original title■▼□: 2018 real estate regulation will be more direct information diagram: A commercial housing in Fuzhou is under construction. In the 19th, the National Bureau of Statistics issued the change in the sales price of 70 large-scale community commodities in February 2018◇■□, in February, 15 hotspots in 70 large cities in 70 new commercial residential sales prices change Continue to present an overall stable situation. Among them, the new commercial residential and second-handed residential sales price is expanded in the second-line residential sales price. In this regard■◇▽=, the industry said that although the end of the year=□□△, the end of the year is coming▽■○, the price increase in the price of two months in the early years of 2018-▷=-. As the price increases in the price◇☆◆☆, the year-on-year increase will also be stable, and the national property market will return to a smooth. Two consecutive growth rat. bovine collagen peptides vegetarian fish collagen peptide wiki