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Pectin manufacturer.[bovine hide collagen peptides vegetarian]Original title…-: Chinas annual express quantity US + Japan + EU summit! This sorting picture, the world is shocked=○▽. In todays fifth “ministerial channel”•●, the Director Ma Junsheng◇◇▲, director of the State Post Bureau◁=-=, pointed out that China Express entered the fast-growing trail, reaching 40 billion in the year, from the US, Japan, the EU added more, accounting for The world is more than 40% of the market share. Up to now, rural express coverage reached 87%, nearly 600 million farmers enjoy online shopping services. Is there a strong market behind this strong market? The reporter explored the smart unmanned warehouse. This picture is a sci-fi blockbuster ↓↓ in the Shanghai Jiading District, the worlds first full process smart unmanned warehouse is carrying out the “Qiankun Movement”. Spare goods, storage, outbound□●•, sorting, distributio★▲★◁.

Original title■…■△: Hui Comrade Due to the Xinhua News Agency◇▪, Beijing July 6th□▷=○, the tension of the military team○▲•△, the main party of the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army▪-●▷, the director of the director of the Military Commission, the director of the Office of the Military Commission, is invalid because the medical treatment is invalid=●☆◇, on June 20th in Beijing Due to the age of 98•☆○◆. Hu Wei△■, formerly known as Hu Shoude, Henan Xin Cai, in 1937, he participated in the Youth Peoples Anti-Japil Military Group, joined the Chinese Communist Party in February 1938. During the War of Resistance Japanese War, he has served as a warrior, officer, political instructor, organizational shareholder, political instructor, director of the Political Department, a group political committee, and the county queue, the commander and political committee, etc□=○.○…▷◇, have participated in the peace, anti- “sweeping”, etc○•. Battle fight. During the War of Liberation, he has served as a group political committee, director of the Department of Political, and the teacher, etc-▼●., have participated in the Chaoyang Set, North North-•△▪, Baita, Meng Liangzhe.

Original title□□: 1•★••.4 billion US dollars + replace all directors, ZTE Todays reply bovine bone collagen peptide powder what gelatine is made of! How many decrease will be? On April 16, a paper sanction order in the US Department of Commerce made Zhongxing Communications in a serious crisis, ZTE communications in A shares and H shares immediately announced a suspension. Although there is a national concern and support=▽☆▼, ZTEs more than 80,000 employees and 310◁◆,000 shares have spent two months in these two months●◁. Today, ZTE returns to normal business, and the stockholders also ushered in the last heavy news. On the evening of June 12★●□, ZTE issued an announcement that the company A shares will be opened on June 13, 2018. The announcement also confirmed that according to the agreement, ZTE will pay a total of 1.4 billion US dollars (approximately RMB 8.9 billion) civil fines▽☆▲, and signed in the BIS comma▼△△◁.

Original title: (Society) The original deputy secretary of the Wuwei Municipal Committee of Gansu Province▼▼, Tao Junfeng, was suspected of accepting bribery●▽□, and the Xinhua News Agency Lanzhou May 2 (Reporter Wang Bo) reporter learned from the Gansu Provincial Peoples Procuratorate, Wuwei Municipal Committee for the original deputy secretary Tao Junfeng (Zheng Hao Levels) Allegedly charge bribes, recently◁□◇, by the Gansu Provincial Peoples Procuratorate, Lin Ze County Peoples Procuratorate filed a public prosecution to Linze County Peoples Court▼●▲□. Lin Ze County Peoples Procuratorate Indigmated: The defendant Tao Junfeng served as the mayor of Lanzhou City, Director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission▽…, the secretary of the Xigu District Party Committee, using the position of the position, to others◆■, the amount is especially huge, and the defense should take bribe Pursuit of criminal responsibility. (End) Editor=△…: Huo .

Original title★=: Draw China map into Qiu Haimang also cover ☆•”Qingtian White Banner”? Singapore TV show apologizes [Observer Network Comprehensive Report] “Map is incomplete=□☆●” this pit, many companies and media fell in☆★=○, but recently, this is not complete … Singapore network media MotherShip reported on the 14th●▷▼, In Singapore ☆•”8 channel◇▽▽” tour program “My Tour is a star” (My Star Guide ◆•…●”(My Star Guide-▽” (My Star Guide), the Chinese map behind the host is that the “Chinese Republic of China” of the Republic of China is included in Mongolia. And covering “Qingtian Diamatics Red Flag△▽☆”, triggeting netizens at home and abroad. Screenshot of the trailer (Source▲■: Singapore Mothership) After the netizens discovered◆◁▪, in the face of the fa supra collagen○★△ white gelatin capsules!