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[gelatin 220 bloom]Original title●◇★: Liu Yongfu, director of the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council: Avoiding the distribution of unfair poverty alleviation resources●▼■, Director Liu Yongfu◁▷△▲, director of the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council▲=, is accepted at the …☆▪”Ministerial Channel”◇△…. (Peoples Network reporter Wengqi Yu) Peoples Network Beijing March 13th (Reporter Li Wei) “How to make a big poverty alleviation resource, play a greater role●◁◇, is the problem that povertodiceship development needs to pay attention to.” A total of 3 National Peoples Congress On the meeting◇☆▼, the Director of the Peoples Great Hall of the Conference, Liu Yongfu, director of the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council, said in an interview that poverty alleviation and development resources should be coordinated, comprehensive balance…■, and minimize the gap, preventing helping unfair phenomena▽•▷▲. Liu Yongfu said that the poor counties, poor people have been standardized, and the poverty group is given more help in accordance with the procedural procedure?

Original title: China crude oil futures official listing transaction China new network client March 26th on March 26◇○▷, China crude oil futures officially listed in the Shanghai Futures Exchange Subsidiary – Shanghai International Energy Trading Center officially listed transactions■△. Secretary of the Party Committee of the China Securities Regulatory Commission▷=, Chairman Liu Shi, the Party Committee of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and Jiang Yang, at the same time, at the same time, the deputy chairman of the Securities Regulatory Commission, the deputy chairman of this listing ceremony●☆. Liu Shi, chairman of the Securities Regulatory Commission=•, said that there is confidence to be determined to build crude oil futures. It is understood that crude oil futures are the first global list of Chinese commodity futures, which is the first step in Chinas internationalization■•. Responsible Editor: Chu Xiaoh.

Original title◇…•: 2 village cadres in Henan Province◆-■, were revoked in the party: relying on the grabbing to determine the poor households ★…”Shuihe Town is actually taking the poverty▼•▽, this seeming fair fact is harming the peoples interests. The practice should be resolutely correct .•▲•.. ◁▷▽”Recently•…★◁, the rectification of the Yushi County Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission did not act as a question, and the head of the county discipline committee was notified in the field of poverty alleviation▽•◆★, chaos. Typical Case▲◇. Not long ago, more than 10 people arrived at the Xi County Commission for Discipline Inspection◇□△■, reflecting the poor households in the horizontal village of Water Slope Town, identified by grasp■=. After receiving the reflection◁▽◆, the county discipline committee supervision committee immediately conducted an investigation. After investigation, July 2016, when the secretary of the village-☆◆▼, the secretary of the Village▪○◆, the party cadres took a grasp of the “poor household•●◆•” and reported to the poverty alleviation offic!

China New Jingwei Client May 27th (Thursday)△□▲◇, A shares△…□★, the A share, after 10:30, the startup is over 1%■▽◇▲; the afternoon has increased◁□△. As of the closing, the Shanghai Indication is 3608.85 points△▷▽☆, the increase of 0.43% off the line☆★, the turnover is 42.9 billion yuan…○▼★; the deposit is 14897▪△•◁.19 points, the increase of 0★○▪▲.7%, the turnover is 510.633 billion yuan; the GEM refers to 3226…-▼-.11 points, 0.92% Head card 50 index reported 3664▲….94 points, and 0■☆•.21% increase▪△. Shanghai index all-day trend Source: on the Wind disk, semiconductor sector leaps, Pai Rui shares, Beijing Junzheng warm jello for cough what is fish collagen peptide About Us halal collagen pills, gelatin solution!

Original title: The troops and the local representative of more than 150 people sacrificed “98 anti-flood●……” martyrs on the morning of April 2nd, Hubei Jiayu County, the ▼●□◆”98 anti-flood” martial arts cemetery, the central government□▷▲, China☆◇, China, China, China•…■□, China, China , Use the strong military journey “Theme education activity is held here. From 150 people from the troops and places, it is deeply mournful in front of the tombstone of the martyrs, and she is deeply mourning to protect the peoples lives and property safety◇-▲●. Representatives from all walks of life mourned to the martyrs▼☆□. The Beijing News reporter Tao Yu photography reported that the Air Force officers and men came to pay homage to the heroes of floods. The Beijing News reporter Tao Yu photography reported that local students came to pay homage to the heroes. The Beijing News reporter Tao Yu photography report “anti-flood hero” high-integrated daughter high-profile margin paid homited in front of the tombstone. New Beijing Ne○△.