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[gelatin a valuable protein for food and pharmaceutical industries]The original title China aircraft carrier formation size “World Rare○★■” Taime Med Medal: Vigive Memorial [Global Times reporter Guo Yuan Dan Global Times station station special reporter Xiao Shi Qingmu Chen Yi Liu Yupeng] ★◆”There are more than 40 ships in the Liaoning ship to Nanhai practical drills Satellite exposure of the stunned amethist◁○. “Not long ago, I still worried that the Liaoning ship aircraft carrier has passed the island of Taiwan through the island of Taiwan▪◆-•. Among the day, the international media reported that this time, the South China Sea exercise from Liaoning Ship-★□▲, or the scope of the military■▪, it is an unusual▷●, large-scale display of military power★○=○. A professionally requested anonymous to accept the “Global Times” reporter in the 28th-…, said that if the satellite image is true, the ship formation of the Liaoning ship is so larg.

Original title Minister of Finance, Liu Kun: Give full play to the personal income tax adjustment function March 25△-◇▪, the Minister of Finance□△, Minister Liu Kun attended the China Development High-level Forum, and pointed out that it is necessary to deepen the reform of the tax system and improve the local tax system. Further optimize the tax structure, strengthen overall design and supporting, and accelerate and improve the local tax system•▲, improve the tax legal system framework. Minister of Finance Liu Kun. The organizer is deployed by Liu Kun, focusing on improving the direct tax system◆□■, establishing a combination of integrated and classification, optimizing the tax rate structure, improving the taxation, standardizing and strengthening the tax▲☆, and strengthening the tax collection, and give full play to individual income tax adjustment◆◇★▼. Pay close attention to international tax reform, prudential evaluation and research on international tax development trends, and further improve corporate income tax system. pre.

Original title: The mainland collects Taiwan resident personal information through residence permit? The National Term Office responded to Overseas Network September 12th▪▼◆, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council held a routine press conference on September 12 at 10:00 am, and responded to the recent hotspot. Shenzhen Satellite TV reporter question: My problem is also the residence permit. The Taiwan authorities claim that the continent has passed the production of residence permits, collecting the personal information of Taiwan residents and fingerprint information▪▼. What is the response of the spokesman? An Fengshan said that the Taiwanese residents of the United States residents have a built-in chip, register fingerprints, mainly for the convenience of documents and prevent counterfeiting…○. In the era of informationization, such practices are very common■◇●, and the ID card of mainland residents has such a request□◆▷▪. In doing so, on the one hand, it can effectively use the existing resident ID car.

Original title◇★-▼: (The two sessions were subject to the release) The PLA and the Armed Police Force delegation group considered the draft Constitution amendment Xu Zhi Xi Zhi Xi Zhizhi to consider Xinhua News Agency Beijing March 7 (Reporter Mei Shixiong, Mehangwei) attended the 13th National Peoples Congress The PLA and the Armed Police Force Delegation were issued on the 7th to consider the draft constitutional amendment. Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee…▽▲◆, Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission▼★◁, Xu Qiang•●, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee△▲, and Vice President of the Central Military Commission participated in the group consideration. The representatives believe that the revision of the Constitution is a major decision-making in the new era in the new era, the new era, the new era, in the new era▲○•▼, the new era, the new era, the new era, the new era, the new era, the new era, the new era□◆, the new era◁△▷. The draft constitutional amendments fully implemented Xi Jinpings new era of socialism and the 19th National Congress of the Par-▽.