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[gelatein]China New Network on May 28th▽▪△◁, according to the website of the Securities Regulatory Commission, in order to implement the State Council deepen the ○▼=●”venting service•○◇◆” reform work requirements, compaction the internal control of the internal control of the company, concentrate on limited supervision resources▪◁▲, improve the effectiveness of institutional supervision , Promote the high-quality development of the industry□▲=◆, and the SFC announced the first batch of securities companies ▼●”white list”…★◆▷. The first batch of securities companies in recent years have continued to implement all staff compliance and comprehensive risk management requirements, gradually improved compliance and risk management systems. According to the idea of ​​”classification supervision, venting combination”, the Securities and Regulatory Commission implements the ▪◆”White List” system for the companys governance and compliance-controlled security securities companies◇▼▲-, and cancels part of the securities company incorporating white lis!

Original title: After the introduction, “sleep●▪■▪”◇▽, •●○”Zombie Policy” is connected to the formalism that these policies seem to be used to report…▷☆. ▲ Source-●: Visual Chinese Wen Hu Yin Bin is clearly a good policy, it has not been able to implement the implementation of the company, and the company cannot enjoy the policy bonus and complainless •■.☆□△▪.. According to the report, in recent years, some places have introduced many support entity Decreasing a good policy of corporate cost-◆■, but some policies have been introduced for many years, but they have been in the state of “sleeping” in “innate lack of lack of” ◆○-■”Insufficient lack★▼”, which is ◆■☆●”zombie policy▼▽…▽”◆●☆. The policy that has already been introduced is, which has been demonstrated and checked. Why will I “sleep○△▼” or even “zombies▲-★•”? Caused a trip to a thousand words, not enough. Some policies are ju☆▽.

China New Network May 28 (Chen Jing Li Dong) For diabetic patients and doctors, diabetes diagnosis can not be “headache medicine head▷…, and foot pain●◇” is so simple. The reporter learned on the 28th that Shanghai medical institutions explored the establishment of “Diabetic Foot Multi-learning Diagnosis and Treatment Center”, providing patients with efficient, integrated “one-stop” diagnosis and treatment◁◁◆, while helping early detection and diagnosis of diabetes high-risk patients●◁-▽. In the 28th, the hospital “Diabetes Foot Multiology Diagnosis and Treatment Center” in the Ocean District of Ruijin Hospital, the reporter learned that for diabetic patients, terrible is diabetes complications, one of which is diabetes★▽▽. Diabetic foot is due to the prolonged period of diabetic patients, high blo. functional properties of proteins in food industry bovine collagen peptides headaches and nausea About Us.

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