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Gelatin capsule![empty gelatin capsules size 000]Jinan May 27th (Zhao Xiao) The second preparation of the 30th National Book Trading Expo was held in Jinan on May 27. The reporter learned that this book will highlight the “publishing + Internet” “Exhibition + Internet” characteristics, and create a “online book fair…◆●…” brand. As of May 26☆★•●, there were more than 1●▷…,400 publishing issuers from all provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, and more than 4,100 booths were booked. Thunder Tiantian, the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Secretary of the Communist Party of China, said that this book fault has created “online book” as a highlight, using VR, live broadcast, video, graphic and other forms to show exhibitor.

Xinhua News Agency, on May 26▪■, Chinas resident of the United Nations Zhang Jun speaking at the Syrian Political Humanity of the Security Council on the 26th, the United Nations, in particular the Security Council to vigorously promote the Syrian crisis to end the Syrian people. Zhang Jun said that we must fully promote the political resolution of Syrian issues○△. China supported the Secretary-General of the Secretary-General, the Special Envoy, the special envoy of the Syrian, China, continued to promote resolution 2254 of the Security Council★■, calling on the Saruce Community to maintain communication, and promoted the Constitutional Committee on the basis of the existing consensus. The work of the Constitutional Committee must maintain independence and are not subject to external interference•☆▷▪. It should be ensured that the Syrian political process is “dominated by people”△◁. ◇□.

Original title□=▽☆: The party committee of the Insurance Regulatory Commission: Unconfiliation Implementation of financial regulatory agency reform decision decision deployment March 14 “, Conveyed the spirit of the State Council Institutional Reform Program considered by the Thirteenth National Peoples Congress, and research the implementation of the financial regulatory authorities. Comrade the Party Committee agreed-■▼△, resolutely support the central governments reform decision decision, and resolutely implement the decision-making deployment of the Central Committee on the reform of the financial regulatory agency, and resolutely do current supervision with strong sense of responsibility. The meeting pointed out that we must deeply understand the significance of deepening the reform of the party and national institutions, and the flag is clearly supported by the central government. Deepen the party and national machi.

[Global Network Comprehensive Report] On June 19, 2018▲▼, the Foreign Ministry spokesperson hosted a routine reporter meeting…▽, and there were reporters asked○☆★◆, recently■★•□, the French Senate Foreign Affairs, the Defense and Military Commission issued an assessment report on the ▲▷”One Belt★□□” initiative•●. It is proposed that France should participate more actively participate in the construction of ■◇●”all the way•○”▽…•, and play an important leading role in the middle of the Europe. what opinions do the Chinese have on this issue? In response□○▷□, the Chinese pays attention to the relevant reports published by the French Senate◇▽……, expressed their appreciation and welcome to the positive will of the French Party in the “One Belt”. “A band all the way◇□” is an open-inclusive international cooperation initiative, pursues the principle of contending, building, sharing, and participating in the country can play a role. In the specific cooperation, we pay attention to the comfort of all parties☆◁•, pay attention to maintaining open transparency, follow international recogniti★….

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