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About Us.[chicken native type ii collagen]Source: Legal Evening Repair Condition•▲▼: Three Plum Flowers Winner Feng Yuping: Anti-Japanese War should be built into a national historical person introduction□◆▪: Feng Yuping, the Chinese Drama Association-=□■, Vice Chairman, the first batch of embassies hired as a national first-level actor, enjoy special government affairs Allowance, I have won the highest prize of Chinese drama performances three times – Plum Blossom Award□▽. Legal Evening News (Reporter Li Hongpeng) “The state attaches great importance to our traditional culture, let us have more dignified business, continuing the genes of Chinese traditional culture◆○.” On March 8th, the legal system is accepted When the evening newspapers, view reporters interviewed, Feng Yuping, vice chairman of the National Peoples Congress, and Chinese Drama Association●•, for the traditional culture, and made the above answer△…. Photo / reporter Li Hongpeng○-•, she also sa.

Original title: Sichuans new regulations Guided to the tourism toilet: male and womens toilet proportion is no more than 2: 3 Hailuogou Scenic toilet internal facilities. The Xinhua News Agency has issued a pragmatic move to enhance the quality of tourism●◁. The toilet revolution has gradually extended from the scenic spot to the country, from the city to the rural area, from the number of quality☆■◇•, from the closed management to open management, become a tourism basic project, civilized project , Peoples livelihood projects are generally welcomed by the majority of tourists and the masses▼◇◁•. Although the results are quite abundant▷■○, there is still a gap between the toilet quality▽▷▪, management services▲▪, technology applications, such as toilet civilization compared to rapidly growing tourism development and peoples needs◆•◁. In order to further enhance the level of service service, the Sichuan Tribute Training Committee announced the “Specifications for the Construction Management Service of Tourism Scenic Area in Sichuan Province” (“Specification•▽▪”, from the policy level to new constructi?

Original title◇▽: Qingyuan Yingde Municipal Party Committee former Secretary Wang Weiyong is seriously violated and illegal to be expected to be expected to be approved by the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, and the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission conducted disciplinary review and monitoring investigations against the original secretary of Qingyuan Yingde Municipal Committee. After investigation, Wang Wei Dong violates political discipline-★▼, fighting the organization and review…▽; violating organizational discipline, it is better to report personal issues, it is not as good as the problem in organizing the letter; violating integrity discipline, accepting a gift, gift, money, money Color transaction. Use the convenience of your position to take advantage of the benefits▪●•, request, and illegally accept the huge amount of property•…, suspected of accepting bribes. As a party member leading cadres□▲, the ideals and beliefs lack★•, the awareness of the awareness•▪, the light of the party, the greed…☆○◇, the morality◆■◆▽, and serious violation of the party disciplin.