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[taking charge of proteins from neurodegeneration to industrial biotechnology]Original title: Peoples Daily Editorial△▲•◁: Providing a strong constitutional guarantee for national rejuvenation This is the general trend of the times•☆▪☆, the needs of career development, and the party is in the hearts of the party. Jiu Dingzhen, Bailian. The first meeting of the Thirteenth National Peoples Congress has passed the draft constitutional amendment. This is the general move of the times, the peoples heart needs, the partys heart is◁=★○, is a major initiative to promote the national governance system and the modernization of national governance systems and the modernization of the national governance system. The significant role is to provide a strong constitutional guarantee for the “two-year-old” struggle and the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation, which has a strong constitutional guarantee, and has a major practical significance and profound history. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that insisting on governing the country according to law▲◁◁, we must first insist on governing the country▽▽□☆, insist .

[“Silver Case” murderer defense lawyer: The case is too bloody night, the wording will affect sleep] On March 30, Gansu Baiyong Chain Killing Murderer was sentenced to death☆◇•. Gao Yongs defense lawyer accepted an interview with the Beijing News reporter that the reading of the case is very depressed, so he tries to make a detail during the day. Higher Ying Yong said that he will die, no matter how it is sentenced to appeal. Related news: The Silver case suspects at the trial of the Silver case■▪, the death penalty self-proclaimed scum two college entrance examination, the murderer, the murderer, the singer□☆□•, the singer▲▲, the singer-▲▲★, the singer, the singer, the singer○▽▪●, the singer, the singer■☆☆, the singer, the singer-▽▪◁, the singer◆■-=, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer: Hao Yong Yong was sentenced to death, said that the silver murder case did not appeal and the ceremony was sentenced to the death penal court●•◇▪: criminal means very cruel ca.

Original title: New era of the waden cattle – Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Youth Intellectual Sketch Source◇•▪◇: Yangtze River Network Cow, Yan Zhen Ding will never stand up●●•. “圳”, in the Hakka dialect, the meaning of the fields in the field. For more than 30 years◆-▲▼, the entrepreneurs in Shenzhen have become an international metropolis. Now, Yan Zhen is to follow the pace of the ancestors▷☆, come to the city to build a business, temper quenching. In just a few years▼○, Yan Zhending leads to the entrepreneurial team of Shenzhen Langdu Biomaterial Co.◇▼▷, Ltd•▲▪.■◆☆-, working hard in this high-tech field of biomedical materials, so that domestic medical devices will gradually go high-end▲•. “=★.