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[protein food industry]Notice on Printing and Distributing Changchun Changsheng Company rabies vaccine renewal replenishment programs 2018 ﹞ 670 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, municipalities, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Health, Health, Food and Drug Administration: Intriology Changchun Changsheng Company rabies vaccine vaccination renewal, the National Health and Health Committee has formulated “renewal renewal of Changchun Changsheng Company rabies vaccine△▪○” with the National Food and Drug Administration. Now it is now, please organize all localities, and do a good job in renewal••……. If there is a problem in work, please report to the National Health and Health Committee of the Ministry of Health and the National Food and Drug Administration Department. The Office of the National Health and Health Committee Office of the National Drug Administration August 7◇△, 2018 (Information Open For★…◁!

China Xinwang Beijing May 27th (Xu Xiao◁•, Chaokai) ◇▷-“3, 2▽☆, 1, launch review article commerical industrial protein expression collagen powder drink Pectin manufacturer the protein supplement industry takes a punch! collagen vitamins!” As the voice falls, the extinguishing of the drone carries■•, the exactly the designated window, throwing super fine powder fire The indoor fire is suppressed; and the fire signal is passed to the second drone that is standing. The second drone has completed the launch of the second fireball in one minute and the fire extinguishing agent is thrown▲…. Ethaling will then return to the drone▷•. Recently, a real scene drill held in a drone firefighting system won warm applause, and more than 500 fire officers and soldiers were observed throughout the fire extinguishing process. The picture shows the team debug drone space technology for map, reporters fr.

(Economic Observation) 5G + Gigabit Net, China City began to enter the ☆■”Double Gigabit” Times China New Agency Beijing May 27th (Reporter Liu Ying) National First “Double Gigabit” provincial capital city◁◇◇△, full light smart city global The first city, took the lead in entering the “double gigaby” city .•■.▽◁◁☆. Recently, Chinas big cities competed in the “double gigabit”, and “repair road” for digital economic development. The so-called “double gigably▼☆=☆” refers to a Gigabit fiber network and 5G. The Gigabit Nightnet has a large bandwidth, ultra-low delay, advanced reliability and other features▷…▲•, ▲▽…★”carrying bases” such as 5G, data centers, Internet of Things-◆…△, and 5G networks together constitute new “double wheels” and Two wings. China Indust.

[National Defense News Spokesman Wu Qian asked the Armed Conflict of Armed Conflict in the Beasbord] Reporter: Recently=●, the armed conflicts in the Burma of the northern areas causing casualties and property losses in Burmeters. Please further introduce the position of the Chinese army and the response measures taken. A=◆○…: Recently◇○▽…, armed conflicts in the northern region◇▷○□. Up to now, three Chinese people have died in Burmeters, and 3 rockets and some bombs fall into the Chinese side. The Chinese army attracts this high concern and has taken powerful measures to strengthen China-Myanmar border patrol control and safety protection▪□◇•, and propose strict negotiations to Myanmar. We ask the parties to the conflict to keep restraint, immediately ceasefire, take practical and effective measures to eliminate such events again△▪▽•. The Chinese army will further strengthen border management◆○-, and take all necessary measures to resolutely safeguard national sovereignty○▼, whi.

Li Tie: If you dont change it, do you talk about greater reforms? Text / This Impression Xiong Pingping editor / Zhu Wei held the 19th Sino-Plenary Session held on February 26-28▼△■, reviewed the “Decision of the Central Committee of the Central Committee on Deepening Party and National Institutions” and •●”Deepening Party and State Organizations The reform plan “agreed to submit some of the” Deepening Party and National Institutional Reform Plan “to submit a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress in accordance with the legal procedures. The new round of institution reform arrow has been string▪•▷. This has been in the 1998 State Councils reform has been in the past 20 years▷■…•. After the reform of the year, the State Councils formation department was 29…=.0% of administrative preparation from the original 32,300, which was reduced by 47.5◆▽●.