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[affinity ligands for industrial protein purification]Original title: The National Standards Committee and other three departments have issued opinions to help accurately poverty alleviation economic daily. Beijing May 25th reporter Guo Jingyuan learned from the National Standard Committee that the National Standards Committee▼●★, the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office “The Guidance of Conducting Standardization Work to Help Poverty Alleviation”. ▽☆▲”Guidance” clarifies 6 job tasks: First, promote the establishment of a diversified precision povertress alleviation system. The second is to promote the construction of agricultural standardization demonstration zones in poor areas. The experience and model of national agricultural standardization demonstration zone will be reproduced in poverty-stricken areas. The third is to promote the beautiful rural construction in poor areas. Create a beautiful rural brand to promote standardization and institutionalization of beautiful rural construction in poor areas. The fourth is to promote the organic product certification of poverty-stricken areas▪-△. Vigorously develop the organic area of ​​pover.

China News Agency, Beijing May 28th◁…, China: “Birthday Gifts” for the United Nations is called this name? In the Hall of New York, the United Nations Headquarters, the United Nations Headquarters in the New York, a grand ceremonial artwork for Chinese traditional culture – “Respect” as the exquisite artwork of the prototype is permanently displayed in the appear position. This is China to commemorate the “birthday gift…●★◆” for commemorating the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations◁☆, namely “Peace○▷”. -•▼-“Respect” to take the righteousness of =△■”respect-=▼”•▽-△, with “Respect▷▪”, express Chinas respect and support to the United Nations•◆○, namely …☆▷●”peace”, Chinas “Shanghe” concept contains it. “Peace” passes China and the Chinese people to seek peace△▽▲★, seek development, promote cooperation, and win-w.

Zhongxin Net Hangzhou May 28 (Reporter Qi Jin Yanhu also) In the superposition of uncertainty factors such as trade friction, epidemic shock▷□, in order to stabilize and optimize the industrial chain•△□□, ★▲◇…”chain long system” should be “changed” in Zhejiang, and In more than 20 provinces (city◆▪▽…, autonomous regions), it is promoted to help “six guarantees-…•” ▼▼□”six steady” in the epidemic△-☆□, but also play a positive role in empowering dual cycles. As an emerging system▪☆, =◁=”chain long system” is an emerging system▷▽, and its first in Zhejiang Province has also continuously explores the reform path. On May 28, the “chain long system◆○” seminar was held in Hangzhou…▲◁, Zhejiang•●▲▼. Some experts believe that the implementation of “chain long system” needs to be “changing▷▼”●▷◆, on the other hand, to clarify the “chain long system” administrati.Contacts!

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