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[customized gelatin capsules]Original title: Multi-place publication of real estate market regulation and control of new political restriction speculative purchase room has released a new real estate market regulation policy, further strengthening commercial housing sales management◁◆, supporting the needs of family self-employment▷▪△□, providing convenient services for leasing parties, strict restrictions Special housing▪□☆★. Chengdu property market regulation new policy has just been needed to have a family priority to collect a house, which announced that the real estate market regulates the new government▲▪. Chengdu just needed to buy commercial housing will enjoy the priority to buy a house to support the needs of family self-employment▽▪●△. The new policy has been implemented yesterday. In November last year▲▪○★, Chengdu issued a policy, which stipulates that commodity housing is sold in a notarized 号 号◇=. Yesterday☆●, the “Supplementary Notice of the Notice on the Undarity of Commodity Housing Sales and Its Notic?

China News Network May 27th, the Congo (Jin) Eastern Niragono volcano sprouts, causing dozen people to die★●. A few days ago•▲, Goma City near the volcano was still attacked by the aftershocks☆△•▪, and the number of buildings were damaged, and the people panicked. According to the latest news, due to the further eruption risk of Niragono, the government ordered the people in some areas of Goma. Data Map: On May 22, local time•=△…, La Gono volcano near the Congo (Jin), lava matches the mountain. According to AFP▷■●■, a local officer said…◇: …▪…-“At present, data on earthquake activities and ground deformation shows that there is magma in the lower part of Goma, and extended below Lake Kwish?

The 13th National Peoples Congress Constitution and the Director of the Law Committee, a member of the Deputy Director, a list of candidates (draft) (a total of 19)▪▼○■. Director□◆■-: Li Fei. Deputy Director: Shen Chun Yao☆□, Jiang Bi Xin▪▪, Cong Bin, Xu Hui▽…-◆, Hu Keming, Liu Yixing, Zhou Guangquan. Member (according to the name of the name)=●=: Yu Zhigang, Wang Junfeng●●, Yan Ao Cost (female)▪★, Xuan Board, Sun Xianzhong, Wu Hao▷•★▼, Zhang Rongshun••△▷, Zhang Yong, Zheng Shuna (female), Zhong Zhiming, Chai Shaoliang◁○. Read it. Editor in charge: Huo Y-=■!

China New Network on May 28th●…, according to the website of the Securities Regulatory Commission, in order to implement the State Council deepen the “venting service” reform work requirements, compaction the internal control of the internal control of the company, concentrate on limited supervision resources, improve the effectiveness of institutional supervision , Promote the high-quality development of the industry, and the SFC announced the first batch of securities companies “white list=△”▽…◇★. The first batch of securities companies in recent years have continued to implement all staff compliance and comprehensive risk management requirements, gradually improved compliance and risk management systems. According to the idea of ​​”classification supervision, venting combination”, the Securities and Regulatory Commission implements the ▽△”White List•◇” system for the companys governance and compliance-controlled security securities companies, and cancels part of the securities company incorporating white lis. marine collagen peptide bovine gelatin halal Pure collagen gelatin non porcine meaning collagen drink beauty!