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[bovine gelatin powder]Original title-□: Headline China 6 times warnings are good in the South Island Reef US military US media: China has firmly established the US media◇…◆▲, a US Navy P-8a “Sea” patrol machine 10 days fly over China Nansha Islands, in the flight process In the middle, the crew received 6 warnings from the Chinese military, telling them that the aircraft entered Chinas airspace and urged them to leave. “Leave it immediately, dont enter△☆, so as not to misunderstand.” A voice said. According to the American Cable News Network website△□…△, the US military flew over the four China important people in the Nansha Islands: 碧,, Yongshu Reef•■◁, Chitewagle Reef and Meiji Reef. ▲ The US Navy P-8A “Sea” patrol machine (US Cable TV News Network) reported that China has been reinforcing this in most of the past two yea◁◇■▷.

Original title◆▽☆◇: Wang Chengyong, Vice President of the Party School of Gansu Provincial Party School▲☆, is determined by the deputy director of the provincial party committee to promote the relevant situation of the provincial party committee to propose and further use, and accept the supervision of the majority of cadres and masses. If it finds that there is a problem in de▽○●, energy□▷•, diligence=◁, performance, and honesty-•◆○, you can reflect on the phone, letter▽■◆, interview, etc.★◆▪☆, we will carefully accept, and feed back to the signature or face-to-face cadres. result. If there is no problem, it will be handled in accordance with relevant regulations. First, the publicity object is briefly (sorted by name strokes) Mar Tantian, Dongxiang●◇□, born in October 1963, member of the Communist Party of China•●, Dongxiang, Gansu, Dongxiang▷◆, Provincial Party Committee, is currently the Vice President of the Provincial Islamic Association ,secr…▽★!

Original title: Liangshan State Target: At the end of this year, Wuhu ensures successful creation of national 5A scenic spots recently, Sichuan Liangshan Prefecture held a Class A scenic spot creation work meeting, summarizing the creation of the whole state scenic spot, and arranges the deployment to create a target task. The meeting clearly creates the goal: At the end of this year▪•◇, Wuhu ensures successfully created a national 5A-level tourist scenic spot; the His Mountain started 5A creation and completed resource reviews within the year; the meeting is the site▽•○▪, Su Nihai seizes the provinces red tourism construction year◇◆. Opportunity, ensuring successfully created 4A scenic spots; Zhaojue Valley Clee strongently 4A scenic spots; he will be drain, and East Old Junfeng starts 4A creation work•△●. Wuhu Status Successfully created 9 years of national 4A Scenic Spots=◆, the popularity and reputation of Wuhu Scenic Area have been further improved. In 2016◆□☆, the scenic spot received 890,000 tourist●△●. protein purification industrial importance of protein denaturation in food industry Pectin manufacturer gelatin online application of crude protein analysis in food industry!