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[beef collagen peptides vs fish collagen peptides]Original title: The Peoples Patriot Type of the Peoples Patriot Type 3 Type to the East [Observer Network Comprehensive Report] According to Taiwan “Dongssen News” reported on July 22, in order to respond to the liberation army army□○○-, the Taiwan military 2017 is Ordered the patriot air defense missile deployed from the western way to Hualien, Taitung and other places; on the 14th○••, the Air Force Taitong Zhihang Base was held at the opening of the camps, and also specially showed the patriot missile launcher□■. Patriotic air defense missile positions in the aerial base. According to reports★••=, the Taiwan military related personnel revealed that the patriotic missiles in Taitungzhang Base are currently connected to the Patriots 3 type and the original patriot 2 performance to the Patriot 3 type 2 missile hybrid deployment, its defense The direction is in the vast sea of ​​the East Coast▽▼★, deployed in a fan-like manner. According to reports•▽, the Peoples Liberation Ar☆◇.

Original title▷▲▪: Adjusting pensions this year, you want to know here=○! Here, we only say that the most important thing will adjust the pension this year. You should know bodybalance bovine collagen peptides vegan collagen chicken collagen gelatin is an example of! The Ministry of Human Ministry◆☆◆■, the Ministry of Finance issued a notice, which is clear from January 1△△, 2018▲•▼=, has been put on retirement procedures in accordance with regulations before the end of 2017 and collapsed basic pension in the business unit retirees to improve the basic pension. The level of gold, the overall adjustment level is about 5% of the 2017 retirees per capita monthly pension■◆•…. So, what is the highlight of this years adjustment•◇★△? How much is retireed? The Chongqing Human Social Security Bureau conducted a related interpretation. It is estimated that there will be 114 million retirees to benefit from 2018 to continue to synchronize the enterprise and organ business unit retiree.

China News Network May 28th According to the website of the National Health Committee, at 0-24, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 7 cases of diagnosis cases were overseas▷▪. Case (3 cases in Sichuan, 2 cases in Shanghai, 1 case in Jiangsu); no new death case▪=; 2 cases of new suspected cases are overseas (all in Shanghai). At the beginning, there were 18 cases of newly discharged cases, and 540 close contacts were released, and the intensive cases were increased by 1 case higher than the previous day. Overseas input existing diagnosed cases (3 cases of severe cases), existing suspected cases were 3 cases△◁■. 6019 cases of confirmed cases, cumulative treatme◇☆.Gelatin wholesale.