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Pectin manufacturer![gelatin as nutirtional supplement]Original title••=△: Sichuan delegation considered the “Constitutional Amendment of the Peoples Republic of China (Draft): The Constitution is the requirements of the times and the peoples expectations March 7, the 13th National Peoples Congress, a meeting, Sichuan delegation held a plenary meeting in the station And a group meeting, considered the •○▷”Constitutional Amendment of the Peoples Republic of China (Draft). Sichuan News Groups special reporter fields “Since the 18th National Congress of the party, the cause of the party and the country has achieved historical achievements, historical changes, practice proves=…•, Chinas road must be based on Chinas national conditions, and have a socialist road with Chinese characteristics. It is suitable for China▷★. “On March 7th, the Sichuan Delegation attended the 13th National Peoples Congress of the Peoples Republic of China considered the” Constitutional Amendment of the Peoples Republic of China (Draft) “, the National Peoples Congress, and the deputy director of the Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Peoples Republic of China. Rican said that this ti?

Original title: Chinese rescue team participated in the search and rescue football team to find the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “Zhongtai family●☆△▲” is deeply rooted [Global Network Comprehensive Report] On July 3, 2018 Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Shan hosted a routine reporter meeting, there are reporters Asked, according to reports, 12 June 23rd born football players and 1 coach found that the rescuers were still alive yesterday. Everyone was still good. We noticed that there is a Chinese folk rescue team spontaneously participated in the search and rescue operation□◁□•. What comments do you have? Lu Hong responded that as a close friendly neighbor of Thailand=●☆, we were very concerned about the safety of Titai missing personnel from the beginning▽▲▪●. We have made significant progress on search and rescue operations, and all missing people are found and have a good life▪☆. You mention some Chinese folk rescue team spontaneous●•.

China News Agency△★▼▪, May 27 (Reporter Xing Wei) 2021 China Sports Development Forum held in Beijing on the 27th, the Forum on China Sports Value List is released▼◆-, including Easy Jianlian, Zhu Ting separately elected 2020 Chinas most propagated impact Male and female athletes△▪☆. The Forum was jointly hosted by China Sports News Corporation and Tencent to “Decoiss the Digital Age”. As one of the important links in the Forum, China Sports Value List Series “2020 Chinese Athletes Communication Influence List” announced, Zhu Ting○○, Yi Jianli column column before the list★■. The Chinese mens basketball team came to the Forum on the day of the Trinity□▷▷…, and he said at the time of the award, this award is a huge affirmation of himself a.

Original title: Shuangjing intersection hitting incident▲▲□: Lock throat skills Deadly police call for the report of the •…”Legal Evening News” WeChat☆▪, on the evening of May 18■▪▷☆, Beijing Shuangjing intersection occurred together-•. A black man felts a blue man with fists and knees, and then rides a motorcycle. According to the screens of the scene on the scene, the high peak of work at the time of get off work, the intersection personnel, many vehicles, the blue man was hit. On-site: black dress is suspected of fighting, blue is blocked in the video screen, the black man fierce the blue man, causing it to lose balance, poured down on the ground. After seeing it, the black man wants to ride the motorcycle. After grabbing the ground, the man was stopped in front of the man, and was stopped by a woman in a yellow clothin★◆=.

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