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[china pb gelatin]The State Council is appointed from state staff. Appointed Liao Wei as deputy director of the Ministry of Finance●■◆…; appointed Hu Jinglin as the Secretary for Medical Security★•, Shihai◆●◁▷, Chen Jinfu, Li Wei (female) as deputy director of the National Medical Protection Bureau. Leading the deputy director of the Ministry of Finance of Zhu Guangyao; deputy director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Management Committee of Huang Danhua (female); is eliminated by Zhang Jies vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Zhu Yangs China Securities Regulatory Commission Deputy Chairman. Source: Zhu Guangyao, the Ministry of Man: 1988 to 1992■▽, the Secretary of the Secretariat of the Ministry of Finance of the Ministry of Finance Science (Deputy Director), 1992-1993, was appointed as the Ministry of Finance○…, the Ministry of Finance of the Ministry of Finance, 1993 From the 1994▲◇, the Director of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Financ•□◆○!

Original title: Red Star Exclusive National Peoples Congress Press spokesperson Zhang Yifeng△-▲…: Constitution revised, real estate tax, these issues have prepared Source□▷△-: Red Star News On 11 am, the 13th National Peoples Congress One Meeting Press Conference in the Peoples General Assembly Zhang Ying, the eighth meeting of the eight conference, Zhang Ying•…, was first debuted★□▷■. For the performance of his first press conference, Zhang Yucai laughed and told Hongxing News▪=★★: “Cant continue to work hard in the future.◆◆▽▼” Zhang Yifeng went deep into the diplomatic field, currently the party secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the deputy director of China. The representative of the United Nations, the 9th Chinas Ambassador to US, is a veritable diplomatic old man. ▲ On March 4th, a meeting in the 13th National Peoples Congress held a news in the Peoples General Hall Press Release Offi.

Original title○●◇☆: Qinghai Lake is called to carry out sightseeing tour and photography in the nature reserve, China New Network Qinghai Gate on August 4th☆◆○▷, 4th▼…, Qinghai Lake Scenic Spot Protection Management Bureau issued a notice to stop in Qinghai Lake National Sightseeing, tourism and photography activities are carried out in nature reserves. As the largest inland lake in China•★, Qinghai Lake is not only an important water body in the northeast of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, but also the natural barrier in the east of the western desertification, is also the intersection of Central Asia□▲▷, East Asia two migratory migration routes•▲■○, Qinghai Lake Scenic Area Listed a national 5A tourist attraction in 2011. According to the notices, individuals and vast driving tourists use the herds to enter the core area of ​​the Qinghai Lake National Nature Reserve◁◆, the buffer, and the facilities such as discouragement□◆□, destroying the fence•★■-, identification card will be stric gelatin bovine○=•◇!

(Fighting new corona pneumonia) Taiwan medical resources tight ◆□”Northern Southern Delivery” Taiwan Hospital Dean public ★…”call for help◇…” China News Co., Ltd., Taipei◇□●▼, May 27◁▽, due to Taipei, New North Chinas new crown pneumonia diagnosis has risen, medical resources are tight◁○=, Taiwan has launched the “Northern Southern Delivery▲■▪” policy on the 27th☆■●. Wu Mingxian, the Dean of the Taiwan University School of Medicine•▼=, is located in the Internet publicly “calling for help” on the Internet, and once again, the dilemma of the Double North Hospital is urgent■▽-☆. Comprehensive “United Daily”…◆▽, Central Society and other media reports, Wu Mingxian issued a document on the 26th■◁▪, although the hospital has “overload□□” to the relevant department•■•-, but new crown disease needs to enter the intensive care chamber (ICU) continue to colloids gelatin Pectin manufacturer is collagen the same as gelatin, high quality collagen!

Original title: Central Car Reform Office convened local official vehicle system reform site meeting, this paper is the website map of the National Development and Reform Commission of the Peoples Republic of China. The website map of the Peoples Republic of China is further accelerating the construction of local official vehicle platforms◁▷▷, and promotes advanced experience in local cars. Consolidate the reform of the local grassroots bus reform, successfully completed the car reform tasks assigned by the central government, March 29th to 30th□○, the Central Car Reform Office held a local official vehicle system reform in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province. The members of the Central Vehicle Reform Leading Group, in addition to 29 provinces and city car reform□▪◆, Gansu Province, and the responsible comrades of the city car reform office in Gansu Province participated in the meeting. The meeting organized the field visited Gansu Province☆★▪, Zhangye City◆-◁=, Zhangye Ganzhou District, three-level business vehicle management platform, on which the platform operation, scheduling, and management. Gansu, Nor.