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[viva naturals pure collagen peptides grass fed bovine collagen]Original title=▲●□: Vision United States Independence Day “Bloom” China Fireworks Beauty Netizen: Incounted ●=●”China Manufacturing” in the United States Independence Day (July 4th)▼▪△★, grand celebration activities held in the United States, there is American media But paying attention to a matter of “not a taste” – the National Day of the United States is inseparable from Chinese fireworks. I want to know more =▲”China Manufacturing” in the United States, please see the video below the Independence Day, Tri Pufa pursue praised the United States ■○◆”Great”, there is a US netizen in the comments “louder…•◁”◆◆■△: ” The fireworks ignited in our Independence Day are manufactured in China▪★○◆. Apple piers eat is not homemade▲○▪■. We must be in charge of each other. The whole world is taking care of us▲=★. “US National Public Broadcasting Station website newspaper, Americans will spend 9 this year Billi.

Xinhua News Agency, May 27 (Reporter Wang Zijiang), Japan, Chiba Prefecture□■△■, Xiong Gu Ha, announced on the 27th that in order to prevent the spread of new crown pneumonia viruses, it was originally scheduled to be held in Chiba County on July 1st to 3rd■◇□. Three days, the Olympic torch relay of 21 city-ku will be canceled, and the ignition ceremony held in three closed venues○◁•. Chiba County is an important region of the Japanese capital circle, and is also one of the largest regions of the Olympic Venlets outside Tokyo, the fencing▲◁■, wrestling, surf and Taekwondo competition will be held in Chiba Prefecture. Chiba Prefecture was originally on July 9, before the torch entered Tokyo, an important relay area◆…•▪, canceled the transfer of public roads, which is a very good for creating an Olympic atmospher.

Original title: (time affairs) Li Keqiang made important instructions on the national land greening…▲□•, forest fire prevention and flood control work TV conference, emphasizing the development of land green, forest grassland fire prevention and flood control and drought resistance to ensure economic and social development, and building ecological civilization actively contributing Hu Chunhua Attend the meeting and speaking Wang Yong, Wang Yong, presided over the New China□-…△, Beijing, April 3, national land greening, forest fire prevention and flood control work TV conference on April 3○▪◁◇. The meeting was guided by Xi Jinpings new era of Chinese characteristics◇•▲, and learned to implement the partys 19th National Congress and the national “two sessions▼▲●” spirit, implement Li Keqiangs prime minister…=, scientific analysis of land green, forest grassland fire prevention and flood control work situation, arrange deployment 2018 Annual work. Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Chi?

Original title□○: The State-owned Assets Supervision Committee will give two types of companies to loosen more independent authorization “in research□▲☆” economic observation reporter Wang Yaxie in 2018, the State-owned Assets Supervision Committee will put a part of the staff to state capital investment, operation company (two types of companies) This may include group investment planning, total payment system, etc▽★▼. For central enterprises that have taken the lead in the reform of the two types of companies, they are different in the process of exploring the reform of the authorized business system. •▽”We are planning to start this research, detailed ideas have not come yet▽▪=,” On March 15th, a state-owned capital investment company pilot enterprises said that there is no clear timetable now☆★▲◁, and it can be decentralized What rights are also unknown●•☆. Unlike the above, it is the fir=◇▷▷.