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[bovine skin gelatin powder]Original title▷◆★: Beijing Rail Traffic requires 30,000 talents to take 60,000 employees to gradually implement the ability to evaluate. Yesterday, Zhou Xin◇▪☆, deputy general manager of the Beijing Subway Human Resources, this year, this year, the Beijing-Hong Kong Subway has piloted 28 types of primary and intermediate skills identification of the subway field. The subway operations will also increase the assessment of senior, technicians and senior technicians. 60 employees were required per kilometer in 2009, and the Metro Line 4 opened. Since then, the city has a new subway line to open a trial operation. In the next three years▲•, the city still has a new line of new lines. At that time•■, Beijing Rail Transit Operations is expected to reach more than 900 kilometers●□, and the public can take an average of 700 meters to 1000 meters in the central city, and can encounter a subway station. Railway traffic development, requires a lot of talent suppor▷••?

China News Network Nanjing May 28 (Reporter Shen Wei) May 28, Nanjing Internet Information Office, Municipal Public Security Bureau, Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau▪◁=★, Municipal Construction Committee, Municipal Housing Security and Properties Bureau, Municipal Market The six sectors of the Supervisory Administration jointly launched real estate website platforms and self-media special rectification actions. This action is mainly for some real estate website platforms and self-media violations engaged in Internet news information service behavior; distorted real estate policy behavior; extortion Social order information behavior●…●★; conjunction with the absence of tubal leakage tube behavior◁=▪. It is reported that this ti.

Original title: The National Peoples Congress representative Zheng Jie suggested that the establishment and improvement of the social credit system of the Peoples Republic of China on the Social Credit Law of the Peoples Republic of China is one of the important markers of my countrys socialist market economy. At the moment, the survic development of the Internet wave provides excellent support for the development of information technology to the construction of social credit system, and establishing a relatively perfect rule of law system is the basis and premise of establishing a social credit system. The National Peoples Congress▲•, the party committee secretary■●▪, chairman and general manager of China Mobile Zhejiang Company, said that the •▷-“Social Credit Law of the Peoples Republic of China” will help improve the rule of law system in my country to further meet the national governance▲-◇, market developments effective demand He is classified and gathering from social credit information☆○◆■, and the effective reward and punishment of credit-◇◇, information subject rights protection, credit service indust◇☆★□.

Original title: Student reduction is a long-lasting non-body plastic art into Qingdao Changsha Road Primary School Practice Class. Wang Haibin is a “difficult□▼” problem with “bodies-•…”◇▼, and even considered a haze△■▪, and even the haze of the educational sky△◁●. Reduce the burden, also due to its stubborn and complex characteristics, the two will be a focus on the meeting…▲•. “I shouted for decades, some childrens school bags shouted, the more you shouted, the more the extracurricular burden shouted▪◆, the less shouted the time▷▲▼,” March 2, at the 13th National Peoples Political Consultative Conference 13th At the press conference, the spokesman Wang Guoqing is firm. It is necessary to move the young children who should not bear the rest of the year, let them really learn, healthily grow up healthily. March 3, in fu☆▽▽☆!

Original title: Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area will be the first batch of tourists after tomorrow◁□, the official answer●=-□, ●…”Saving and live travel” March 8, because the earthquake closed 7 months of Jiuzhaigou scenic spots will once again usher in her guest. A week ago, the Office of the Leading Group Office of the Apa Prefecture Tourism Industry Development in Sichuan Province was announced that Jiuzhaigou Duo Guo Jiran Waterfall to the Sea, Zhavous Temple and the mirror Sea of ​​the Tagan will be open to tourists•…••. Among them, the landscape of the sea, the colorful pool△★△, the mirror sea, the Nortimen Waterfall, the tree is the sea■■, Shuanglonghai Waterfall▪…, Zha Temple is in principle for walking tour area. On March 7, the entrance of Jiuzhaigou Park. This article is the picture of the journalist Jiang Tsunami. As of 5, on March 7, the real-time ticket purchase information of Aba Tourism Network showed that Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area has sold 632 tickets▲○△…, 9 days sold 5. loss on drying calculation usp lm citrus pectinGelatin capsule yasin fish pectin gummy hydration!