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[recombinant protein industry]Original title: Liu Heheng representative (Secretary of Hunan Yueyang Municipal Party Committee)=▽●▽: “Toilet Revolution” needs urban and rural classification to promote “toilet revolution” is conducive to improving peoples quality of life•▷▼◇. It is necessary to work hard to supplement the short board affecting the quality of the mass life. It also needs to further innovate the concept◆□□. For the city, the different situations of rural areas will open the feet▷•○◁, and strive to spend money▲=. The people have called for the building toilet on the street, but when siting, no one is willing to build the toilet to their own house•••, which is an important reason for some cities such as toilet. In this regard▪◆=, it should be guided and encourages the street units and business places to open toilets for free to the public, and establish an convenient “shared toilet☆▪”. The city ◇•○”toilet revolution” is overwritten in management•-◆. Not only should we improve the number of toilets, but also improve service quality. Related units and business uni.

Original title: Yang Yang: Pingchang Winter Olympics Dispute Cant rely on “words” to solve the source: political circle “知撰 撰 Dong Xin photography Wei Wei Dongbo will enter★△▽◁” Beijing time “★■△. As the first winter Olympics champion in China, this year, Yang Yangs identity was changed from the 11th and the 12th National Peoples Congress to the 13th National Committee of China. Yang Yang said in an interview with the WITT (WeChat ID: WEPOLITICS) said that in 2022, the Winter Olympics came to Beijing, and our sports have been glory from the original country to the present, and there have been many social responsibilities. Contributing to social development and the happiness life of the public. △ The National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference Yang Yang accepts that she said that when I bought a host 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, China has proposed “to drive 300 million peopl!

China New Network Toronto May 26 (Reporter Yu Rui Dong) Canadian Federal Government, Andalio, the Antario announced on May 26 that it will fund millions of Canadian dollars to achieve the improvement and upgrading of the facilities of the Chinese Cultural Center in Datai. The Gabang Government will fund more than 28 million yuan in the China Cultural Center□□, and the Ontario governments will fund more than 2-◆.3 million yuan. At the same time, the Chinese Cultural Center of Datai will bear more than 1.8 million yuan. Relying on the above-mentioned total of nearly 7 million yuan, the China Cultural Center will increase the existing service space and expand the indoor and outdoor activity area. The center will also broaden the open courtyard, transformed into new indoor and outdoor multi-function space▽▲, chan.

Original title: Notice on suspending the operation of China Xian Companys business handling is to further rectify the legitimate rights and interests of the real estate market, to maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the purchase of houses, create open, equitable, fair market development environments, promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market, now The relevant matters are notified as follows: 1. Suspension of accepting the pre-sale permit for the pre-sale license of the commercial housing of the companys project companies (a list of Xian), and order the China Xian Company to self-investigate the relevant laws and regulations. Second, all real estate development enterprises■-, the notarization agency uses the shake number of the Wuhan Matrix Technology Co., Ltd. when she organized the publication of commercial housing. Third★•, the real estate development enterprises▪□☆◁, the notarization agency should notary the listing activities in accordance with the principles of public, fair and fair, and ensu gelatin as nutirtional supplement fish collagen collagen peptides!Gelatin wholesale collagen drink sachet skin whitening protein industries canada stock,