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Contacts.[grass-fed bovine collagen peptides]”Director of the Director of the Financial Economic Committee of the 13th National Peoples Congress, member of the deputy director, a list of 23 (a total). Director: Xu Shao Shi. Deputy Director=▼○: Liu Yuan•=, Zhang Yi, Yin Zhongqing, Xiong Qunli-▽△=, Xie Jingrong, Uri Tu (Mongolian)★=•, Liu Xinhua (Hui), Guo Qingping…▲. Member (according to the name string): Wang Li◁○, Wang Dongjing, Lu Wei (female), Zhu Mingchun, Zhuang Yumin (female)▼◇=, Liu Xiuwen, Sun Bao Hou, Wang Kang, Ouyang Changqiong•……◇, Zhou Songhe△▽, Xu Rujun●◁▼, Fu Fangli ( Female), Cai Ling (female), Cai Jiming. Read it. Editor in charge○□▲●: Huo ?

Original title: China Consumer Association released 10 consumer rights procurement models in 2017 Peoples Network Beijing March 15th (Sun Yang) Today■•▼▷, China Consumer Association held the No. 1 studio No. 1 Peoples Network New Media Building to “quality consumption “315 International Consumer Rights Protection Day” is the subject of a beautiful life○◆◇. At the meeting, the Chinese Consumer Association released the typical case of consumer rights protection in 2017. According to reports, in 2017, the National Consultation Association organized a total of 726□…,840 consumers to resolve 552,398 pieces☆□◆◆, and the complaint solution was 76%, and the economic loss was 51.69 million. Among them, 4□◇,898 complaints were doubled due to fraudulent behavior of the operator, and the amount of compensation was 8.25 million yuan. Receive consumption throughout the ye.

Original title: Beijing on March 14th, the air heavy pollution orange warning Beijing News (Reporter Deng Qi) According to the monitoring forecast analysis•-, Beijing area today (March 14) is affected by the exemption, contaminants are accumulated in front of the mountain=▲▽=. Southeastern regional and urban pollution have been relieved, but the pollution in front of the mountain is still relatively serious◆◇▪□. In the evening, it is affected by the northeast wind. The pollutants continue to accumulate in the evening, the concentration is slightly improved, and the air is affected by cold air after night, the air quality is gradually improved in the late Northern Northern Southern, and it is expected that tomorrow (March 15) is better. Excellent level. According to the “Beijing Air Heavy Pollution Emergency Plan (Revised)”◁•▽…, Beijing will relieve air pollution orange warning on March 14th. Current forecast shows that air-temperament in Beijing is 18 day.

[China has about] Fuzhou Sanfang Qixiang: Protection Historical and Cultural Street and Development City Tourism to achieve a win-win international online news (Reporter Xie Shijia)•◆: Fuzhou•=•●, there is a state. “Fu▼★” is in the landscape, that is also human○☆…. Located in the Sanfang Qixiang, Fuzhou City, once he came out of the modern celebrity in China▷☆▼☆: Modern China “Looking at the worlds first person” Lin Zi Xu, China “The Father of Ship Defense” Shen Wei, the famous translator Yan Fu, modern famous writer ice heart .▪◇△=.. Sanfang Qixiang is the source of history◆-▲★, the root of culture◆●•=, and the land of the culturality. Self-promoting, Tang Dynasty, here is the gathering of the aristocrats■…◇, and there are more than 400 celebrities living here in history-☆. Whole historical and cultural neighborho.