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[protein pharmaceutical industry in ten years]Red Soil Comment New Times, a new era of rural resolution◇△: Hu Jihua on May 26…▼▽●, Jiangxi Provincial Rural Revitalization Bureau was formally listed. Jiangxi is a large province of agricultural provinces, doing a good job of △▼”three rural” work▲○, which is of great significance to the new painting of Jiangxi reform and development in the new era■=△◁. We must establish a new starting point in the rural revitalization, combined with the “14th Five-Year Plan”, comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural villages◆■◆■, and truly let agriculture high quality, rural shoulder△▼…, farmers rich=■. It is necessary to focus the organic coherence, create a “guarantee▷•◇▽” country☆△◆. At present▪◇•●, we must consolidate the results of poverty-□□▽, it is to fully implement the prevention of regeneration monitoring and help mechanism, focus on the income level of the owner, monitoring households a•=◁•.

Xian Mayor Shangguan Jiqing Tang “grab the people” war: grab the talent to win the future last year◇•▲, more than ten large and medium-sized cities have set off the introduction of talents “grab” war□□…, and all preferential policies are dazzling. As Xian, which has just been approved□●▼, building a national center city, is particularly eye-catching in this “talent battle”. Why is Xian so big to “grab people”? What is the guarantee of the work in Xian=◇▲? How to improve in the environment, security? A few days ago, the National Peoples Congress representative•△, Xian Mayor Shangguan Jiqing accepted an exclusive interview with the legal evening newspapers•▪, view journalists★•○, and introduced the basic advantages of the citys central cities in Xian=•△. Talking about “grab the people”□▽▷: grab the talent to win the future view: Xian is now open to introduce the talents at home and abroad, whether it !

Original title: March 13, 2018 Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Hou hosted a routine reporter asked: We noticed that yesterday△◁, the China Ministry of Foreign Affairs released the Message of the Korean Presidents Special Envoy Zhengyi Visiting Meeting Meeting…▲. We know that he comes from China to report to the United States□•. Lenovos US President Trump also specially called Xi Jinping Chairman to informed the United States and considered the view of the current peninsula. In combination of the above-mentioned notification, how to evaluate changes in the current peninsope situation•▼▲▲? What is expected to develop the next situation? How does Chinas future play a role? A: Zheng Yiqi Veri has visited China yesterday, and his recent visit to the United States, I went to China, and I conducted a deep communication with the Chinese side. President Xi Jinping met with him, and the State Council of Yang Jiechi has held talks with hi.

Original title□=: Heavy pound ping gelatin capsules cirtrus pectin! Chengdu This year, admissions will launch the “multi-school film” to launch public private school synchronous enrollment Sichuan newspaper observation reporter Jiang Yinhan reporter learned from the Chengdu Education Bureau, this years primary school enrollment will drive ••□◇”multi-school film▼□” work, and start Public, private school synchronous enrollment (referred to as ▲▪▷•”citizen”)▪☆, further relieve “school-choice…▲▽▷”. At the same time, the implementation of “6 years of admission” in September 1, •…★▲”will be loosened. This year◇○◇, the Advancement Policy Advisory Policy Adjustment in Chengdu City has three major changes•◆▼●, namely “multi-school film”…○▼, ▪☆★”citizen trick” and ★○”age loose★●□”★◆□. It is reported that the specific policy documents are still perfect, and the Chengdu Education Bureau is finally issued◆◆. In February●△, the General Office of the Ministry of Education issued -△”About the 2018 General Primary and Secondary School Admissions Enterpri◆▼■.Pure collagen protein energy drink industry report bulk beef gelatin!