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[sale gelatin powder]Original title: Heavy pound! Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail will only take 4 hours and 18 points▼◇▪! •-▲”Revival number” April 10th•☆▪▷, expansion speed -○”Revival” train vision Chinese information map According to Shanghai release WeChat public account◁▼•, the news that often goes to Beijing Shanghai, China gelatine sources! China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co.☆○, Ltd★•. said•◇△◆, on April 10th, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed passenger trains will be adjusted○◆☆△: 1 Use =■▷”Revival” EMUs to increase from the current 7 pairs to 15 pairs, on time 350 Kili operation■◁; 2 Beijing South Railway Station ~ Shanghai Hongqiao Station train 2 is changed to Shanghai Station, and the Beijing South Railway Station ~ Shanghai Hongqiao Station will be changed to 40 pairs. The most important thing is that Shanghai goes to Beijing, the fastest G22 / G17 runtime has been shortened to 4 hours and 18 points, a◁★■•.

Original title◇☆: The two “70” secretary in Yancheng Prison have a new news in Beijing, the Second Intermediate Peoples Court recently released a number of commutation cases, and knowing the XJB-Jingshier, in the Justice, Yancheng Prison The two “70•□□” secretary will be commuted. One of them was the public security department of the Ministry of Public Security of Zhou Yongkang Secretary-□☆▽, the original teachers staff, and it is more than 8 months. The other is that the Secretary of the Secretary of the Secretary of the Secretary of the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau of Beijing A “license plate corruption case, it is intertwined for 7 months□◇•. The secretary of Zhou Yongkang talks about the red-sentenced sentence of 8 months, according to the Beijing Second Intermediate Peoples Court publicized the publicity of the commutation, and the redness is 5 times, and it is planned to subtract for 8 months. Born in June 1971◁•, it is involved in Zhou Yongkang cas rio verde industria de gorduras e proteinas ltda how big is the protein supplement industry gelatin sepharose!

China Xinwang★●△, May 28, China (Cai Minzhen Xu Wei) Guangdong Chao Theater Newly created the “Wanghai Tide” in the Guangdong Friendship Theater at the Guangdong Provincial Friendship Theater on May 27th and 28th■…. The 87-year-old famous chart performance artist Yao Yuqiu came to the scene. After the performance, he walked on the stage as ▪○”Wanghai tide◁▷-“, this is her second time to watch “Wanghai Tide★=…”★☆•■. As a heritage of the national intangible cultural heritage○▲••, Yao Weiqiu appreciates the innovation and inheritance of “Wanghai Tide”▷□△. The large modern chart ▲■☆☆”Wanghai Chao” is in the Guangzhou Performance Cyclament “Wanghai Tide” to rely “of the” Overseas Chinese “culture, with the historic background of Shantou Economic Zone, telling the story of overseas Chinese to love the hometown and love the family. In the drama•□, there is a hundred years of Chi.

Original title: Wang Wentao, deputy secretary of Shandong, visited Heilongjiang, ranking Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee○●◁★, reported on the 22nd “Heilongjiang News Network○□▼”, 22nd▪●…△, Heilongjiang held the provinces leading cadre conference…■, conveyed the national two sessions. Zhang Qingwei, secretary of Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee◆-■, presided over the meeting and speaking◇▷, Wang Wentao○-▼▪, Chen Haipo, etc. attended the meeting. Wang Wentao came forward to serve as a deputy secretary of Shandong Provincial Party Committee=▽▷■, secretary of Jinan Municipal Party Committee. According to TV lens, Wang Wentao is ranked second between Zhang Qingwei and Chen Haibo, deputy secretary of Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee▪■○•. This year, the national two sessions▽◁, ○◁▪-“political incident▪◆▲” in the East Hall of the People, Wang Wentao held the seventh plenary meeting on March 19th and 13th National Peoples Congress, the original Secretary of the Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee, and the governor Lu Yu Ren Natural Resources Department•◁▷. minister. Wang Wentao, Wang Wentao, .

Original title: Movie ★◇◆”Break▷=■▪, my country▲●-◁” expert viewing seminar held on the afternoon of Beijing, a large record movie organized by China Shadow Shares and CCTV Finance and Economic Channels “is amazing, my country” expert viewing seminar Hold in Beijing■☆. The large record movie, China Film Co.◆▪●, Ltd., China Film Co-▼-◁., Ltd◁△△., China Film Co., Ltd●☆.○▼▽★, CCTV, Ali Xiangyai, is ●◆”amazing, my country=▪” has landed on March 2. As of late March 8, the film box office has exceeded 180 million, which has triggered a living in the people. Responsible Editor•◁: Zhang .