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[pectin production line][The Honghe State Discipline Committee responded to the “multi-bus weekend to enter the hotel”] Original title▼★: Yunnan Honghe Discipline Committee responded to “Multi-bus weekend to enter the hotel”: Participate in on March 24, the Honghe State Discipline Committee received online report-▪▼, Calling Honghe Prefecture Multi-official car on the same day 8★•▪▲:30 to 9:00 in the hotel, alleged bus private issues. In this regard▽△, the Red River State Discipline Inspection is promptly investigated and responded. After investigation-▪, on the afternoon of March 23…□◆, the Honghe State Committee held the ★=◁=”CCP Honghe State Committee Rural Work Conference▼▼” in the Honghe Hall of the Mongolia, and the meeting ended around 18:10, the station is not in the accommodation of the participants in Meng Tianyuan Hotel. On March 24th•-△, the Honghe Prefecture Agriculture Bureau held the “State Agricultural Work Association” in the conference room, and the accommodation site is also arranged in Mengz★□▽.

Original title: For public welfare protection to create a “safety valve” – ​​Zhang Xuexu, deputy inspectors of the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate, on the two sessions of the country just closed■▪, the procuratorate filed a reform of the public welfare litigation system, and the representative member was a bit like. The procuratorial public welfare lawsuit has achieved initial success, but there are some problems to be solved. How will this reform will continue to deepen◇■●? How to strive for more understanding and support for the public▪☆, administrative organs, etc. on prosecutors? The reporter interviewed Zhang Xuexi, deputy director of the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate. Reporter: The highest inspection work report mentioned that in July 2017, the national procuratorate has been filed 10,925 cases of public welfare litigation cases, most of which are cases in the field of environmental resources, especially in the field of food and drug safety. not muc●□….

Original title: A picture reads the governments work reports in the past five years, what achievements have been made in Chinas economic and social development? What is the focus of 2018? How will your peoples livelihood improvement? Yesterday, Li Keqiang made a government work report△▽, and the report of more than 19,000 words gave a detailed answer. In the past five years-◆, the “transcript” has grown by 7▲•▪.1% in the year, from 54 trillion yuan to 82.7 trillion yuan. Residents income increased by 7-◇-.4%, forming a medium-income group in the worlds population◇◇★▪. Hot cities housing prices have been controlled, and the inventory of three or four-line cities is remarkable☆◇●★. The accumulated tax reduction exceeds 2 trillion yuan, ending 66 years of business tax collection history. Poverty population reduced 6●△.Pure collagen.