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[size 000 separated hard gelatin empty capsule]China Weather Network is expected that today (24th) Beijing air quality is good△◇◆, the weather is fine, the highest temperature is 22 ° C○=-, will create a new high temperature this year▽…•. Yesterday◇••◇, Beijing had severe pollution in Beijing. However◇☆, at night, as the cold air arrives▷●•■, the atmospheric diffusion conditions are improved. In terms of temperature, monitoring shows that at around 16:00 yesterday, the temperature of the South is rose to 21.2 ° C. This morning▽▷, Beijing began to make it○★. According to the Beijing Environmental Protection Monitoring Center••▼◇, today, Beijing is transferred to high pressure back to high pressure○▷-▲, and the diffusion conditions are advantageous, and the air quality index 65-85 is achieved. In addition, the temperature continues to rise today=▲●…. Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued a forecast▽•★: Today, sunny, there is light fog in the south, the north to the south wind two or three levels•…★◇, the highest temperature 22 ° C; nig★•●△.

[Review Line] Zhongan Times▼☆: “Four History” propaganda education should take the mass line recently, the Office of the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee printed “on the development of party history, new China history, reform and opening up history, socialist development history and education Notice, conduct arrangements for “four history□★” publicity and education in the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China★•△■. I want to know the award, I must first be a history▷★◁▽. On the occasion of the Breakfast of the Party Century★▪=, the whole society has widened the party history○▼•▲, new China history, the history of reform and opening up history, and socialist development, and has both realistic and far-reaching significance▷●. To take the mass line, insist on the masses, close to the masses, serve the masses, come from the masses, go to the masses, and go d.

Original title-☆◁: Shanghai downtown area surprised “Demolition of Bridge Artifact” One-hour demolition [Global Network Report] The new toys of the foundation of the Relientery are so 6-=! March 16th, Wuhan Bridge Enterprise Only 1 hour of the navigation□○★◆, successfully removed the Shanghai S26 Highway into the city of Beiyi elevated bridge, which is the rapid removal project of the worlds largest weight bridge◁▪●. The bridge is 67△□.5 meters long, 18 meters wide•▪, with overweight, super large▷○◇, super-horne, with a weight of 3050 tons. It is a self-container car (SPMT), which has a loud name – “Transformers”-•□, which selects different modules according to the difference in the actual working conditions, combines various tonnage and forms of transportation▪=. car☆▷. Editor in charge: Liu Guang gelatin powder waterproof==●!

Original title: Prevention of ▼◁•=”Due to the disease to poor” for poor people free medical examination book special reporter Li Xiuwei National Peoples Congress, Wang Jiangbin☆△, Digestology, Digestology, Sino-Japanese Association, Jilin University: Realization of the goal of building a well-off society, winning the poverty battle, It is necessary to pay attention to solving the problem of ●◁▼”seeking disease•□…” and “anti-big disease•△☆”▲▽, preventing “due to illness”◆◇◁□, “due to illness”. Wang Jiangbin believes that a free medical examination for rural poor is helpful in promoting the development of a healthy poverty alleviation guarantee system into a benign loop. Wang Jiangbin suggested that by stipulating the mishanding of the poverty, misunderstandings, etc☆=•☆., can effectively implement the disease status of the poor○–☆, in the case of people□◇=, and implement the safeguards◇□–. Free health checkup of poor people can be arranged in countie pork gelatin factory pectin fruit gummy bovine collagen peptide malaysia!Gelatin wholesale.