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About Us.[gelatin in supplements halal]China New Network, May 27 (Guo Chaokai) China State Council, Minister of Public Security…●-□, Minister of Public Security••◆, and Serbian Minister of Internal Affairs Alexander Wulin 27th=●•◇, representing the two governments, respectively◇■…•, the Second Government signed the Second Division Drivers license. According to the driving license signed by the two sides, China and Serbia have recognized the effective drivers license issued by the other party, and one of the people who hold the other countrys drivers license directly drive or exempt from the driving license★…◁•. For temporary access to the other party•□■, the two parties have confirmed the mutual recognition=•★. It is temporarily entering the Republic of Serbia▷☆▷▼, you can drive directly with the Chinese drivers license and translation, there is no need to replace Serbia drivin▲▷.

Original title☆★: Dont blow it, dont move, who is shocked, who panic, who has blowing big, dont you do? Chinese technology, dont blow it into the ground●■■◆. The evaluation of Chinas scientific and technological strength has always been a hot topic▽●▷■. After the United States-▷○△, the heat of this topic has reached a historical peak●▲★◁. Many people have realized the importance of core technology. I realized that I can buy it is not all, I realize that independent innovation is the foundation of the country. These are positive effects. However, there are also many mistakes and practices that are still very popular. We just clarified this as an opportunity. A common mistake is to blow the strength of China, who is shocked▷=■▽, who is panicked. Some people often give me a variety of ☆◆▷-“shocked” articles, ask me how to see, it is a bit unbearabl.

Original title: About housing prices-▪…◇, air quality, sports reform, and ministers responded☆▽! This morning•◆●◁, after the seventh chance of the 13th National Peoples Congress, the fifth ▽□-“ministerial channel” opened▼▪-. The person in charge of the 7 State Council of the Conference was held accepted by reporters. The ministers responded to what hot issues◆◁, we will help you organize uc ii undenatured type ii chicken collagen collagen powder with vitamin does jello stop periods organic pectin! The minister of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has been effectively inhibited in an effective inhibition of the housing prices★◆○. In the past year, the real estate market will maintain smooth operation, and the housing prices have been effectively inhibited. The real estate market is expected to change. Keep the real estate market stable and healthy development○▽☆, mainly include the following aspects☆▽: 1. Adhere to the regulatory target is not shaken, the strength does not relax, maintain the continuity of the policy, stability; 2. Accelerate the establishment of multi-body supp.

Original title: What security issues are in the previous organization? 4 major threats in the public security [Global Network went to Qingdao Special Reporter Guo Pengfei] On June 8, Shanghe Organized Qingdao Summit held a press conference. Liao Jinrong•■, director of the International Cooperation Bureau of China, said in the press conference that safety is still the top priority of the first organizational work, and the member states of the Organization have guaranteed the overall situation of the regional security situation•▼▼☆, but still face terrorism. Threats, drug crimes●△••, transnational organized crimes☆△-, information security, four security threats▲•▼. Liao Jinrong said that by strengthening internal collaboration, members of the member countries have picked up hundreds of terrorist cases in the past many years, and they have seized a number of firearms and ammunition, explosive goods■□▪•, and also carry out a variety of exercises, including Tianshan series exercises★▲◁△. , Strive to curb three forc.

Original title: This year, the soybean subsidy standard is higher than that of corn on April 3, and the Ministry of Agricultural Rural Ministry and the Ministry of Finance jointly released the 2018 financial focus on strong farmers and agricultural policies◁☆=▪. In 2018, the subsidies of corn and soy producers in Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia were higher than corn. On April 3, the Ministry of Agricultural Rural Ministry and the Ministry of Finance issued the 2018 financial focus on strong farmers policy◇-. In 2018•▷, the central government continued to increase the investment•▼…▷, strengthen the project overall integration■□◆■, and improve the management mechanism of funds■○•◇. The soybean subsidy standards will be higher than corn in Liaoning, Jilin◆▲, Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia. Policies include direct subsidies of farmers, support the development of new agricultural operations◆▽▪, support agricultural structure adjustment◆▽▼▲, support rural industrial integration development, suppo.